This message is being sent to all senior math majors. If you are planning on graduating May 2020 please continue to read to find out what are the Departmental and University steps for applying for a degree (graduation).

    Spring 2020 Mathematics Commencement Ceremony

The Spring 2020 Mathematics Graduation ceremony will be held on Friday, May 8 at 10:00 a.m. at McKimmon Conference and Training Center.  Please note that the University Commencement will take place on Saturday, May 9, 2020.

Applying for degree – timeline and checklist:

  • Meet with your academic advisor to review your degree audit to make sure all the degree requirements are satisfied. Your advisor may request a move, waiver, or a list of advised electives directly from your Degree Audit. Email Dr. Duca (anduca@ncsu.edu) if you and your advisor have any questions.


  • Complete the Application for Degree form for your Math degree and return the form to 2108 SAS Hall by January 10, 2020. Make sure your advisor signs the form confirming that all the degree requirements have been met or are in progress.


  • Complete the Online Graduation Application in MyPack Portal by following the steps below:
    • Log into MyPack Portal > For Students tab
    • Degree Progress/ Graduation > Apply for Graduation
    • Select “Apply for Graduation” in the Program data section
    • Select your expected graduation term from the dropdown window and click “Continue”
    • Verify all graduation data and click “Submit Application”
    • The following message will display on the screen “You have successfully applied for graduation.”


  • Check your name and address! Your official NCSU diplomas will be mailed to the address that appears in MyPack Portal (one month after the ceremony).  If you have any financial holds on your account, you will not receive the diploma until they have been resolved.  Your diploma will also show the name that appears in MyPack Portal.


·       Privacy & personal information settings update deadline: March 27, 2020

If you wish for your name to appear in the University Commencement Program and any honors and achievements list you must remove your privacy block. Once you removed your privacy block please contact Seyma Bennett-Shabbir (bennett@ncsu.edu) to provide a photo of yourself or have your photo taken for the slide presentation during the Math commencement.

Contact Nia Okoh, nokoh@ncsu.edu  if you have questions.