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Departmental Directory Instructions

Login at When you login, click people on the left menu,  then click edit under your name. Leave blank items that are not relevant to you. For example, normally only faculty and advanced graduate students will will complete Google Scholar Link and Research Description.

  1. Your name and Unity ID should already be entered.
  2. Update Contact Information Daily from Campus Directory. This box should not be checked. At present we are unable to use this feature without creating errors.
  3. First Name through Phone
    • First Name, Last Name, Title: Do not edit these lines. Contact Seyma Shabbir (ONLY if you are in the MATH department) if you think there is a mistake.
    • Website, Email, Office, Phone: You may edit these lines. Formats:
      • Office: SAS Hall 2208
      • Phone: 919-515-5555
  4. Bio can be left blank.
  5. People Profile
    • Additional Titles/Positions: Leave blank.
    • Image: To change, email a photo to Seyma Shabbir ONLY if you are in the MATH department.
    • CV: Upload a CV if you want.
    • Google Scholar Link: If you don’t have a Google Scholar profile, create one by following the directions here. Once your profile has been created, go to your Google Scholar page by going to the Google Scholar home page, searching for yourself, and clicking on your name. Then copy the URL of this page into the Google Scholar Link box.
    • Education: Last degree only. Sample entry:
      • Type of Degree: Ph.D. (Typed exactly as shown. Degree abbreviations used on NC State web pages are here.)
      • Degree Program: Mathematics
      • School: University of California, Los Angeles (Write out completely and if in doubt check Wikipedia for the precise name; for example, this institution is not named University of California at Los Angeles.)
      • Year Earned: 1992
    • Research description: A list of topics separated by commas, or by semicolons when appropriate. Start with a capital letter, end with a period, and do not use unnecessary capitalization. Sample entries:
      • Numerical ordinary differential equations, numerical linear algebra, dynamical systems, inverse problems.
      • Implicit systems of ordinary differential equations, including numerical algorithms and control; applications to constrained mechanical systems, optimal control, and failure detection.
    • Honors and Awards: Include University-level recognition such as NC State Outstanding Teacher Award, and national and international recognition such as NSF CAREER Award or SIAM Fellow.
    • Show Publications from Library Database: Leave unchecked.
  6. Internal Department Information: Please complete.
  7. Grad Student Tutors If you are a graduate student you will see this block. Please contact Brendae Hughes to be listed.
  8. Custom Fields: Leave blank.