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Department Contacts

Undergraduate Major and Minor Questions

Alina Duca
Director of Undergraduate Programs in Mathematics
Office: SAS 2108
Phone: 919.515.1875
E-mail: A. Duca | Schedule an appointment

Elizabeth W. Alexieff
Freshmen Academic Advisor, College of Sciences
Office: 4223 Broughton Hall
Phone: 919.513.2848
Email: E. Alexieff

Undergraduate Program Support Specialist
Office: SAS 2108
Phone: 919.513.2298

Undergraduate Honors Program

Min Kang
Director, Honors Program
Office: SAS 3144
Phone: 919.515.7891
E-mail: M. Kang

Placement, SAT II and AP Scores, Registration Issues, Classroom Instruction

Molly Fenn
Assistant Department Head
Office: SAS 2108A
Phone: 919.513.2288
E-mail: M. Fenn

Transfer Credit

Leslie Kurtz
Transfer Officer
Office: SAS 3240
Phone: 919.513.2111
E-mail: Transfer Officer

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