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Pure Math Graduate Student Seminar: Alex Betz, NC State, Module Categories and Algebra Objects

SAS 2102

 When studying Tensor Categories we want to understand what algebra objects can be found in those categories. After finding such objects it's natural to consider their A -modules and more importantly the category of A (bi)-modules. This talk will attempt to explain this concept and enlighten listeners with motivating examples. Zoom Meeting link:      Password:…

Numerical Analysis Seminar, Li Wang, University of Minnesota, Neural network based solvers for kinetic equations

SAS 4201

Deep learning method has emerged as a competitive mesh-free method for solving partial differential equations (PDEs). The idea is to represent solutions of PDEs by neural networks to take advantage of the rich expressiveness of neural networks representation. In this talk, we will explore the applicability of this powerful framework to the kinetic equation, which…

Biomathematics Seminar: Didong Li, UNC Chapel Hill, Inference for Gaussian processes on compact Riemannian manifolds

Cox 306

Gaussian processes (GPs) are widely employed as versatile modeling and predictive tools in spatial statistics, functional data analysis, computer modeling and diverse applications of machine learning. They have been widely studied over Euclidean spaces, where they are specified using covariance functions or covariograms for modelling complex dependencies. There is a growing literature on GPs over…

Graduate Training Seminar: Seyma Shabbir, NC State, Setting Up Your Webpage in WordPress

SAS 4201

Effective webpages are an increasingly important medium for disseminating information related to classes and research. For TAs, they provide a critical way to share material with your class whereas for those entering the job market, they are often checked by potential employers interested in obtaining more information about candidates. Hence it is important to construct…

Numerical Analysis Seminar: Pejman Sanaei, Georgia State University, On mathematical modeling and simulation of flight stability of objects, tissue engineering and droplets

SAS 4201

In this talk, I will present 3 problems on fluid structure interaction: 1) Flight stability of wedges: Recent experiments have shown that cones of intermediate apex angles display orientational stability with apex leading in flight. Here we show in experiments and simulations that analogous results hold in the two-dimensional context of solid wedges or triangular prisms in planar…

Geometry and Topology Seminar: Dilara Siraeva, Fulbright Scholar, NCSU, Symmetry reduction of a gas dynamic system of PDEs with a special state function

SAS 4201

In this talk, I will present new results on the symmetry reduction of gas dynamic systems of PDEs following the general framework presented by  Lev Ovsyannikov in his article  "The “podmodeli” program. Gas dynamics" The gas dynamics systems of equations, with an arbitrary state equation, has an 11-dimensional Lie algebra of symmetries which generates a group…