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Graduate Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in Mathematics (GCM) program is aimed at students who want to enter a Ph.D. program in mathematics but lack some of the needed preparation because of late arrival to mathematics study, coming from a less rigorous program, etc. Students who are interested in further study in mathematics but do not plan to enter a Ph.D. program will also be considered.

This is typically a one-year program during which students take two to three mathematics courses per semester for two semesters. Mentoring and guidance are provided to assist the student in choosing classes and in preparing to apply to graduate schools.

GCM students can participate in all departmental seminars and social events, and get to see what it is like to be a graduate student.

The Mathematics Department also offers an online Graduate Certificate in Mathematics.


Applications should be submitted through the Graduate School’s application website.

Application materials include statement of purpose, a resume/CV, and transcripts of all academic work after high school. GREs are not required, but can be submitted.

GCM students may begin their studies in either the fall or spring semester, or even in the summer.

Program Details

Students take a combination of graduate and undergraduate mathematics courses that are tailored to the individual student. The certificate requires 12 hours of mathematics courses, taken for a grade at NC State. There is no specific list of courses for the certificate.

Of the 12 hours, 3 hours may be at the 400 level with prior approval of the director of graduate programs. The other 9 hours will be at the 500 level or above. Students must complete at least one course per semester to remain in good standing. Students who have been out of school for some time or who need extra preparation before graduate courses may need to take additional 300- or 400-level courses prior to the 500-level courses. A grade of C- is required for a course to count toward the certificate. A 3.00 GPA (B average) is required to earn the certificate.