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Graduate Minor Programs

Graduate students in non-mathematics programs may elect to minor in mathematics.


It is recommended that students interested in a minor in mathematics contact the Mathematics Department director of graduate programs before submitting a plan of work.

Doctoral Degree with Minor in Mathematics

  • A minimum of 12 hours of coursework (4 courses) in mathematics in 500- or 700-level courses is required, with at least a B average. Courses taken for a master’s degree minor will not count toward the Ph.D. minor.
  • The student must have a Department of Mathematics representative on their graduate advisory committee. This representative should be selected early in the student’s program in order to help in the choice of courses.
  • Credit for MA 502 will not be allowed if the courses MA 512 and 513 are presented.

Master’s Degree with Minor in Mathematics

  • A minimum of 9 hours of coursework in mathematics is required with at least a B average. At least 6 of these hours must be in 500- or 700-level courses.