Available Tutors for Hire

Tutors are typically paid by the hour. They are not expected to give you the answers to your homework problems. They are expected to help you solve the problems.

NameContactWilling to Tutor
Katharine Ahrenskaahrens@ncsu.edu
High school math and all NCSU math classes.
Tricity Andrewtmandre2@ncsu.edu
All middle school and high school math. 100 & 200 level undergraduate math courses.
Aaron Bardallarbardal@ncsu.edu
all precalculus and calculus courses including differential equations and partial differential equations.
Daniel Bernsteindibernst@ncsu.edu
Almost all math classes and some computer science classes
Kristen Boylekjboyle@ncsu.edu
all middle, high school, 100 and 200 level math courses. Also, GRE, ACT, SAT test preparation.
Alex Chandleralexchandler100@gmail.com
almost all math classes.
Jared Cookjacook8@ncsu.edu
All middle, high school, 100 and 200 level math courses. Also, GRE, ACT, SAT test preparation.
Jane Coonsjicoons@ncsu.edu
all middle school, high school and undergraduate math classes; standardize tests such as SAT, ACT, and GRE.
Benjamin Freedmanbnfreedm@ncsu.edu
all 100, 200 level math courses. Abstract (Modern) Algebra, Real Analysis, Linear Algebra. SAT/ACT math.
Eric Geigeredgeiger@ncsu.edu
K-12, MA 242 and lower.
Emma Grovesekgroves@ncsu.edu
All middle school, high school, 100 and 200 level math courses.
Katherine Harriskeharri4@ncsu.edu
all middle school, high school, and undergraduate math classes, as well as standardized test prep (SAT, ACT, GRE).
Joey Hartjlhart3@ncsu.edu
MA 131, MA 141, MA 231, MA 241, MA 242, MA 341, MA 405, MA 421, MA 425, MA 426, MA 427, MA 428
Elizabeth Hermaneaherman@ncsu.edu
All middle, high school and 100-200 level math classes.
Carter Jamesoncdjameso@ncsu.edu
(816) 898-9161
MA 107, MA 108, MA 111, MA 141, MA 241, MA 242, MA 341, and high school math.
Maria Jansenmcjansen@ncsu.edu
All middle and high school math classes, undergraduate math courses up to Calc II.
Gary Lavignegmlavign@ncsu.edu
all middle/high school math. College level: 200 or 100 level courses and MA341.
Dustin Leiningerdaleinin@ncsu.edu
I can tutor any of the Calc. 1 courses (MA 121, 131, and 141), Calc. 2 (MA 241) and Calc. 3 (MA 242); the differential equations courses MA 341 and MA 401/501; the proof based courses MA 225, MA 425, and MA 426. In addition, I am available to tutor some physics courses including PY211, PY 201/205, and PY 202/208. Other courses may be available upon request. Visit my website www4.ncsu.edu/~daleinin for more info.
Molly Lynchmelynch4@ncsu.edu
calculus 1 (MA141, MA131, MA121), middle school and high school math.
Amanda Mayhalladmayhal@ncsu.edu
calculus 1, trig, undergraduate algebra and pre algebra.
Mallory McMahonmemcmaho@ncsu.edu
All middle school, high school and 100 & 200 level undergraduate math courses. Additionally, I have experience tutoring for the SAT, ACT, SSAT, ISEE and GRE.
Rachel Minsterrlminste@ncsu.edu
all math classes through MA 242 as well as MA 305.
Zack Morrowzbmorrow@ncsu.edu
(803) 288-0924
High-school math, precalculus, Calculus I-II, and linear algebra.
Evan Northeinorth@ncsu.edu
all middle-high school math. ACT, SAT. All 100-200 level undergraduate math courses.
Lillian Pasleylfpasley@ncsu.edu
middle/high school math, 100/200 level courses, MA 341, 405, 407.
Benjamin Randallebrandal@ncsu.edu
Please refer to my website for an extensive list of topics, areas and classes that I feel comfortable effectively tutoring.
Brittany Riggsbariggs@ncsu.edu
all lower level math courses through Calculus 2, and Modern/Abstract or Linear algebra.
Valerie Taylorvetaylo2@ncsu.edu
All undergraduate math classes.
Jessica Wagstaffjlwagst2@ncsu.edu
MA 111, MA 114, MA 141, MA 241, and MA 405.
Sangeeta Warrierswarrie@ncsu.edu
all math classes.
Seth Watkinssqwatkin@ncsu.edu
calculus prerequisites, calc I & II, modern algebra, linear algebra, test prep (SAT, ACT, GRE ).
Michael Weselcouchmweselc@ncsu.edu
open to tutor any math class especially MA 241 and MA 242. Can also do middle school and high school math
Anila Yadavalliayadava@ncsu.edu
ma 114, 121, 131, 231,141, 241, and 242.
Zhenghao Yangzyang23@ncsu.edu
calculus, c++, and matlab.
Claire Zajaczkowskicczajacz@ncsu.edu
all math classes.
Yang Zhao
all undergraduate math classes, and GRE.