Available Tutors for Hire

To be added to this list you will need to contact BrendaƩ to undergo a background check

This is a list of graduate students who are available to be hired to be a tutor for mathematics.

NameContactWilling to Tutor
Rachel Abelraabel@ncsu.edu
Willing to tutor MA121, MA131, MA141, and high/middle school math.
Mitchel Colebankmjcoleba@ncsu.edu
MA 111, MA 131, MA 231, all high school math, and GRE Math prep.
Amanda Colungaalcolung@ncsu.edu
(786) 942-5663
Middle and High School Math, Pre-calculus, and Calculus (MA121,131,231,141)
Jane Coonsjicoons@ncsu.edu
all middle school, high school and undergraduate math classes; standardize tests such as SAT, ACT, and GRE.
Evan Curcioejcurcio@ncsu.edu
any high school mathematics, precalculus, trigonometry, calculus, linear algebra, and various upper-level topics in applied mathematics.
Eric Geigeredgeiger@ncsu.edu
MA 107, MA 111, MA 114, MA 121, MA 131, MA 141, MA 231, MA 241, MA 242, and high school math.
Emma Grovesekgroves@ncsu.edu
All middle school, high school, 100 and 200 level math courses.
Sanchit Guptasgupta38@ncsu.edu
High School Math, 100 and 200 level undergrad courses.
Marco Hamins-Puertolasmhamins@ncsu.edu
Elementary, Middle, and High school math, Pre-Calculus and Calculus I (MA 107, MA 108, MA 111, MA 121, MA 131, MA 141, MA 151, MA 152), Introductory Statistics (ST 311, 350), and ACT/SAT/GRE Math prep.
Katherine Harriskeharri4@ncsu.edu
all middle school, high school, and undergraduate math classes, as well as standardized test prep (SAT, ACT, GRE).
Bryson Kagybgkagy@ncsu.edu
All middle school and high school math. All 100 level math courses. In addition, MA 225, MA 241, MA 305, MA 351, MA 403, MA 410
Maria Macaulaymlmacaul@ncsu.edu
I'm able to tutor preschool, elementary, middle, and high school math, as well as any 100- or 200-level NCSU math course.
Rachel Minsterrlminste@ncsu.edu
all math classes through MA 242 as well as MA 305.
Zack Morrowzbmorrow@ncsu.edu
(803) 288-0924
High-school math, precalculus, Calculus I-II, and linear algebra.
Andrew Murdzaapmurdza@ncsu.edu
Willing to tutor MA121, 141, 225, 241, 305, 341, 401, 405, 425, 426
Wyn Nelsonwlnelson@ncsu.edu
774 633 0845
I specialize in MA 114, MA 121, MA 131, and MA 141. You can learn more about me at wynnelson.com/tutoring
Sarah Strikwerdaslstrikw@ncsu.edu
All 100 and 200 level math courses, MA 425, MA 426, middle school and high school math, and standardized test prep.
Kristen Windoloskikawindol@ncsu.edu
Middle and high school math, all NCSU 100 & 200 level math courses, MA 305, MA 341, MA 405