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Study Abroad

How to Apply

It’s never too early to start planning for study abroad. Consider academic and personal goals, check out program options, review eligibility requirements, research funding opportunities and take note of important deadlines.


Deadlines for Non-NC State programs can vary greatly; therefore, take note of the deadlines for programs of interest to you, and completing the PackAbroad application at least two weeks before the deadline for the application through your program’s provider.

Study Abroad Internships

Take advantage of the opportunity to complete an internship abroad to improve practical skills, enhance your resume, learn about another culture, meet people from different cultures and backgrounds, and see another part of the world! For more information about internships abroad, please visit

Study Abroad Scholarships

Scholarships are available through the NC State University Study Abroad Office. The American Mathematical Society also has available some scholarships for the Math in Moscow Semester.

Health and Safety

The Study Abroad Office takes the health and safety of every student participating in a study abroad program seriously.  For more information, please visit,


  • Opportunity to travel
  • learn about another culture
  • Improve foreign language skills
  • Meet new people
  • Employers seek graduates with international experience and intercultural competencies.
  • Research has shown that study abroad students have a 25% higher starting salary than those who do not study abroad.

Budapest Semesters in Mathematics

 Math in Moscow

Two programs in Europe that are focused on mathematics are the Budapest Semesters in Mathematics and the Math in Moscow Semester. Contact Dr. Min Kang, mathematics honors program director, for more information about these programs.

For general NC State study abroad information, contact the Study Abroad Office. Also refer to the NC State Student Health Center Travel Clinic.

Study abroad scholarships are available through the NC State University Study Abroad Office. The American Mathematical Society also has available some scholarships for travel.

Semester Programs

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