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  • Opportunity to travel
  • learn about another culture
  • Improve foreign language skills
  • Meet new people
  • Employers seek graduates with international experience and intercultural competencies.
  • Research has shown that study abroad students have a 25% higher starting salary than those who do not study abroad.

Student Stories – Study Abroad Courses in Mathematics


 Ireland, Cork University (MA 2051 & MA 2071)


“My favorite part was getting to travel relatively inexpensively. Since I was already in Europe, traveling around Europe was a ton cheaper than flying from the US and there wasn’t any issue with jetlag from large time differences.”


“MA 2051 Mathematical Analysis I came back as MA 425. I also took MA 2071 Fourier Methods and AM 2072 Mathematical Experimentation and Chaos which came back as MA 4** courses for Math Electives. And MA 4402 Game Theory and Linear Algebra which came back as MA *** for another Math Elective.”


Ireland, Cork University (MA 4402, CC 1112, CC 2250, GA 2033, HI 1115)


“The best part of my study abroad experience was taking GA 2033 “Language and Culture in an Irish-Speaking Area”. This was one of the classes offered to international students that took place over the course of a week during the Easter Recess. I spent the week in a Gaeltacht fully immersed in the Irish language, culture, landscape, and history. A Gaeltacht is an area of Ireland that primarily speaks Irish and is focused on preserving the language and culture of Ireland. Before attending this class, I have been in Ireland for 3 months and traveled all over the country trying to soak up as much as I could before I had to leave. However, while my time at the Gaeltacht was short, I honestly feel like it wasn’t until that week that I truly saw Ireland and all it has to offer. I left the Gaeltacht with a completely different outlook on my study abroad experience as a whole. I would highly recommend this class to anyone studying abroad in Cork.


Budapest Semesters in Mathematics (Real Functions and Measure & Combinatorics)


“The best aspect of the program was seeing how math is taught in other countries, Real Functions and Measure and Combinatorics transferred as Functional Analysis and MA 4**”


Cork University, Ireland (MA 2071)


“I really enjoyed being abroad for so long (a whole semester) and allowing myself to create a routine and lifestyle in a different continent and culture. I really enjoyed meeting people and getting to travel so easily around Europe. Fourier Method (transferred as 400 level Math), Irish Jig (transferred as GEP in HESD), Labor Market Economics (as 300 level Economics), Tutors in Irish History (400 level History)”


Two programs in Europe that are focused on mathematics are the Budapest Semesters in Mathematics and the Math in Moscow Semester. Contact Dr. Min Kang, mathematics honors program director, for more information about these programs.

For general NC State study abroad information, contact the Study Abroad Office. Also refer to the NC State Student Health Center Travel Clinic.

Study abroad scholarships are available through the NC State University Study Abroad Office. The American Mathematical Society also has available some scholarships for travel.