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Study Abroad

Process for Math Majors

“Are you interested in studying abroad? Read about the study abroad experiences of our former students and get ready to embark on a life-changing experience!”

The Study Abroad Office has resources available to students to learn more about programs, financial aid, and more. You can also attend one of the walk-in advising sessions.

Interested students should watch the Study Abroad 101 video and meet with a study abroad advisor. After deciding on a specific study abroad program you will need to start the course approval process. Complete the steps below at least 2 weeks before the Study Abroad Deadline.

  1. Use your degree audit to identify unmet degree requirements that could be satisfied by study abroad courses.
  2. View the website for the abroad program and select coursework that will fulfill unmet degree requirements.
  3. Open the Course Approval Google Sheet, and go to File > Make a Copy.
  4. Save your copy on your NCSU google drive and include your full name in the filename.
  5. Share the form Dr. Alina Duca ( and Sara Brennan (

Meet with your academic advisor if you have questions or need guidance.

Once you share your course approval Google Sheet, Dr. Duca will evaluate the proposed courses and provide you with appropriate feedback so the pre-approval form can be finalized and the formal pre-approval process can begin (signatures from Dr. Duca and COS Dean’s Office).

When you get back, please follow the instructions on this page to have your transcript from your international institution sent to NC State’s Study Abroad Office. Contact the Study Abroad Office if you have any issues sending over your international transcript. Contact Dr. Alina Duca and Sara Brennan, if your transcript has been received at NCSU and showing up in MyPack but your credits are not showing up in your Degree Audit.

Other important information:

  1. Minor coursework must be approved by your minor department. You should contact them for instructions.
  2. If you are going on an NC State faculty led program where you are enrolled in NC State courses you do not need to do a separate course approval as outlined below. Just talk to your advisor about how the courses will fit into your degree.


Study Abroad Internships

Take advantage of the opportunity to complete an internship abroad to improve practical skills, enhance your resume, learn about another culture, meet people from different cultures and backgrounds, and see another part of the world! For more information about internships abroad, please visit

Study Abroad Scholarships

Scholarships are available through the NC State University Study Abroad Office. The American Mathematical Society also has available some scholarships for the Math in Moscow Semester.

Health and Safety

The Study Abroad Office takes the health and safety of every student participating in a study abroad program seriously.  For more information, please visit,

Ecuador: STEM in Quito (MA 341 Applied Differential Equations):

Budapest Semesters in Mathematics

 Math in Moscow

Two programs in Europe that are focused on mathematics are the Budapest Semesters in Mathematics and the Math in Moscow Semester. Contact Dr. Min Kang, mathematics honors program director, for more information about these programs.

For general NC State study abroad information, contact the Study Abroad Office. Also refer to the NC State Student Health Center Travel Clinic.

Study abroad scholarships are available through the NC State University Study Abroad Office. The American Mathematical Society also has available some scholarships for travel.

Semester Programs

Student Stories