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Doctoral Graduates

This page contains information on our recent doctoral graduates. It shows the year that each student graduated, their program (MA = Math, AMA = Applied Math, BMA = Biomath), their thesis title, advisor’s name, and first job after graduating. You can click on the green + sign to expand and see a link to the thesis.

Thesis title
First job
Windoloski, Kristen2023AMAMathematical Modeling of Experimentally Induced Inflammation and SepsisOlufsenPostdoctoral Fellow, Federal Drug Administration (Remote)
Tharp, Ashley2023MAArcs and ShardsReadingsInstructor of Mathematics at NC School of Sciene & Mathematics
Curcio, Evan2023BMAMathematical Modeling of Stomach Morphogenesis and the Biomechanics of Pattern in NotochordsLubkin
White, Dave2023MASymplectic instanton homology of knots and links in three-manifoldsLidman
Strikwerda, Sarah2023AMAOptimal Control in Fluid Flows through Deformable Porous MediaBociuHans Rademacher Instructor of Mathematics (Postdoc) in the Department of Mathematics at University of Pennsylvania
Stephens, James2023AMARegime-Switching Nonlinear Optimal-Control
Schacht, Celia2023BMAVariability and Uncertainty in Mathematical Modeling of Biological SystemsTranORISE Postdoctoral Fellow- Center for Computational Toxicology and Exposure, U.S. E.P.A.
Rich, Sabina2023BMACombining Mixed Effects Modeling with Sparse Regression for Model Selection using Biological Time Series Data.FloresStatistical Scientist at IQVIA
Morillo, Robin2023AMASensitivity Analysis of Biochemical ModelsGremaudData Scientist, Pluto Health
Johnson, Joe2023MAProblems in Dynamical Algebraic Combinatorics and Algebraic StatisticsLiuPostdoctoral Researcher, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden
Das, Praachi2023BMAMathematicals and Statistical Models of Infectious Disease DynamicsLloydResearch Associate at NC State University
Colunga, Amanda2023AMAMathematical Analysis of Cardiovascular Hemodynamics in Disease. OlufsenMachine Learning Engineer at Vadum Inc.
Aslam, Jai2023MACategorifying the Chromatic Polynomial of a Hypergraph and TDA in Cancer Genomics.SazdanovicSenior Data Scientist, STR
Reese, William2023AMAUncertainty Quantification and Sensitivity Analysis in Bayesian Inverse Problems. SaibabaSenior System Analyst, STR
Redle, Michael2023AMAStructure-Preserving Finite Volume Methods for MHD Systems and Applications. ChertockPostdoc at RWTH Aachen University in Germany
Mendez, Alexander2023AMARare Extreme Events in Firebrand Transport and Energy Balance Climate Models. FarazmandNorthrop Grumman Corporation (Aerospace and Defense Technology Company)
Groves, Emma Kathryn2023MASubinvariance and Ascendancy in Leibniz Algebras. MisraAssistant Professor in the
Department of Mathematical Sciences at the United States
Military Academy, West Point, New York.
Geddes, Justen2023BMAMathematical Modeling and Signal Processing of Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS). OlufsenPostdoc, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Duke University
Davis, Maria2023MADual Certificates and Efficient Rational Sums-of-Squares Decompositions for Polynomial OptimizationPapp
Anderson. William2023AMAShape-morphing Reduced-order Solutions for PDEs with Conserved Quantities. FarazmandPostdoc at Lawrence Livermore National Lab
Smith, Fouche2022A High Order Compact Scheme for Interior/Exterior 3D Wave Equation with the Method of Difference PotentialsTsynkovResearch Geophysicist at CGG
Aloudah, Noufe2022MAHochschild-Serre Spectral Sequence for Lie Conformal Algebras.BakalovTenured Assistant
Professor at Qassim University, Saudi Arabia.
Bui, Minh2021MAThe Warped Resolvent of a Set-valued Operator: Theory and Applications.CombettesUniversitätsassistent,
Institut für Mathematik und Wissenschaftliches Rechnen
Universität Graz
Congdon, Elisabeth2022MAThe Asymptotic Behavior of Coalescence Time in Critical Branching Processes.KangMathematics Instructor, Wake Tech Community College
Hamins-Puertolas, Marco2022BMAModeling and Quantifying Selection Pressures across Multiple Evolutionary Scales.Rasmussen
Meade, Annabel2022BMAParameter Distribution Estimation and Mathematical Modeling in Biological Applications.Lloyd
Morrow, Zack2022AMASparse-Grid Surrogate Models in Computational Chemistry.KelleyPostdoctoral Researcher, Sandia National Lab
Myers, Nicholas2022AMAApplications of Mathematical Modeling in Ecology and Health Care.TranResearcher, North Carolina State University
North, Evan2022AMANon-Iterative Domain Decomposition using the Method of Difference PotentialsTsynkovSenior Associate Analytics Software Tester at SAS Institute in Cary
Leonard, Chris2022AMAData driven methods for partial differential equations and discrete convolutionTsynkov & ChertockMachine Learning Engineer III at Vadum Inc.
Acitelli, Catie2022MAAn interactive apporach to the teaching and learning of Lattice-based cryptography with PythonStitzingerAssistant Teaching Professor- University of Notre Dame
Baker, Michael2022MARoot Multiplicities of some hyperbolic Kac-Moody Lie algebrasMisraTeaching Postdoc at Department of Mathematics, University of Kentuky
Breen-McKay, Michael2022MAA combinatorial approach to problems in evolutionary biology and sparse networksSullivantLecturer, Durham Technical Community College
Brestensky, Laura2022MAPlanar Models for Non crossing Partitions in Affine TypeReadingTeacher/Mentor, Fusion Academy & Adjunct Professor, Durham Tech
Chambers, Megan2022AMAMorphological Properties of Pulmonary Arteriesin Control and Hypertensive MiceOlufsenLecturer of Applied Mathematics, Virginia Military Institute
Hu, Hengrui2022AMAA hybrid finite-volume-finite difference scheme and augmented method for chemotaxis system ChertockPostdoctoral Fellow, NC State
Mainellis, Erik2022MAFactor Systems and Schur Multipliers for the Algebras of LodayStitzingerVisiting Assistant Professor, St Olaf College
Pavlechko, Ella2022MAPartial Travel Time Representation of a Compact Riemannian Manifold with Strictly Convex BoundarySaksalaSenior Associate Analytical Consultant at SAS Advanced Analytics Lab
Pearce, Katherine2022AMAMethods for Parameter Identifiability Analysis of Dynamical Systems with Applications to Data Driven ModelsHaiderPostdoc Research Fellow, UT Austin's Oden Institute for Computational Engineering and Sciences
Wright, Andy2022BMAMathematical Models of Various Effects on a Normal Menstrual Cycle.OlufsenSenior Scientist in Modeling, Applied Biomath
Bortner, Cashous2022MAIdentifiability Analysis of Two Families of ODE ModelsSullivantAssistant Professor, CSU Stanislaus
DeYeso, Robert2022MAObstructing Exceptional Surgeris Using Inverse CurveLidmanRTG Postdoc, University of Iowa
Farris, Lindsey2022MAFinite Dimensional Nilpotent Leibniz Algebras and Isomorphic Maximal SubalgebrasStitzingerAssistant Teaching Professor, Penn State University- Beaver Campus
Hollering, Benjamin Keith2022MAComputational and Combinatorial Techniques for Phylogenetic Algebraic GeometrySullivantPostdoc, Max Planck Institute, Leipzig
Merritt, Michael2022AMAMultifidelity Global Sensitivity Analysis for Complex ProblemsGremaudResearch Scientist, Teledyne Scientific and Imaging
Niyonzima, Yvonne2022AMAApplication of Mathematical Modeling in Toxicology and Human Immunodeficiency VirusTranAssociate Scientist, Certara
Reid,Timothy William2022AMAProbabilistic Numerical Linear SolversIpsenTechnical Staff, MIT Lincoln Lab
Notestine, Jessica2022AMASensitivity and Active Subspace Analysis for Agent-based ModelsSmithInstructor at the Governor's School for Science and Technology, Hampton VA
Sunseri, Isaac Paul2022MADesign and Sensitivity Analysis of Inverse Problems Governed by Partial Differential EquationsAlexanderianTeaching Assistant Professor, Penn State
Dinkins, Erica2022MAC_n^1 Geometric Crystal corresponding to Dynkin node i=n for n =2,3,4 and its ultradiscretizationMisraPreceptor, Department of Mathematics, Harvard University
Bates, Dylan2021AMAVirtual reinforcement learning for balancing an inverted pendulum in real timeTranSpecial Lecturer, Department of Mathematics, Coker University
Cleaves, Helen2021AMAGlobal Sensitivity Analysis and Reduced Order Modeling for High-dimensional SystemsAlexanderianPostdoctoral Research, Sandia National Lab
Geiger, Eric2021MAThe Signature Quiver and the Global Congruence Problem for Planar CurvesKoganLecturer, Yale University
Gilmore, Steven2021AMAOptimal Feedback Strategies of a Debt Management Problem and Fine Regularity for Nonlocal Balance LawsTran, NguyenMindspire
Jameson, Carter2021AMAData science and mathematical modeling approaches to studying collective motionFloresSenior Member of Technical Staff, Computer Science R&D, Sandia National Lab
Morrow, Zachary2021AMASparse-Grid Surrogate Models in Computational ChemistryKelleyPostdoctoral Research, Sandia National Lab
White, Rebekah2021AMAInferring the microstructural properties of cortical bone from ultrasound attenuationAlexanderianPostdoctoral Research, Sandia National Lab
Yan, Jun2021AMAWell-balanced numerical method for atmospheric flow equations with gravityChertock
Zhang, Meng2021AMABlood glucose forecasting: Data-driven model, physiological model, and hybrid approachesTran, FloresSenior Data Scientist, United Health Group (UHG)
Colebank, Mitchel2021BMAComputational modeling of patient specific pulmonary hemodynamicsOlufsenPostdoctoral Scholar (Biomedical Engineering), University of California, Irvine
Ojwang, Maurieq2021BMANetwork Models for the Dispersal and Spread of Cucurbit Downy Mildew in the Eastern United StatesLloyd, Ojiambo
Coons, Jane2021MAApplications of toric geometry in algebraic statisticsSullivantSupernumerary Teaching Fellow, St John's College, Oxford University
Dutta, Prerona2021MAMetric Entropy and Nonlinear Partial Differential EquationsNguyenAssistant Professor, Department of Mathematics,The Ohio State University
Harris, Katherine2021MAReal algebraic geometry with numerical homotopy methodsSzantoAssistant Professor, Department of Mathematics & Computer Science, Beloit College
Kirk, Samantha2021MAToroidal Lie Algebras and Their Vertex Operator RepresentationsBakalovVisiting Lecturer (2 yrs), Mount Holyoke College
Minster, Rachel2021MARandomized algorithms for tensors and matrices with applicationsSaibabaPostdoctoral Scholar, Wake Forest University
Misra, Pratik2021MACombinatorial Problems in Trees and Graphical ModelsSullivantPostdoctoral Researcher, KTH, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm
Scholten, Georgy2021MACombinatorial and Real Algebraic Structures in Statistics and OptimizationVinzantPostdoctoral Researcher, Jacques-Louis Lions Laboratory, Sorbonne Universite
Smith, Christian2021MAAlgebras of Up- and Down-operators on PosetsLiu
Woodstock, Zev2021MARecovery of functions from nonlinear observationsCombettesPost-Doc, Technische Universität Berlin and Zuse Institute Berlin.
Andrew, Tricity2020AMALattice Based Models for Two Dimensional Particle Systems and Random Walks with Internal CollisionsHaiderPostdoctoral Researcher, NC State University
Cook, Jared2020AMASurrogate model construction, data assimilation, and data-driven equation learning to enable nonproliferation capabilitiesSmithResearch Scientist, Teledyne Scientific and Imaging
Digirolamo, Claire2020AMAApplications of GPOPS-II to Optimal Control Problems with DelaysCampbell
Freedman, Benjamin2020AMAExistence and Qualitative Descriptions of Solutions to Nonlinear Boundary Value ProblemsRodriguezVisiting Assistant Professor, Marquette University
Guy, Hayley2020AMAEfficient dimension reduction and uncertainty quantification for complex physical and biological systemsAlexanderianData Scientists, Brighthouse Financial
Herman, Elizabeth2020AMADesign of inverse problems and surrogate modeling in complex physical systemsAlexanderianSr Professional Staff I, John Hopkins Applied Physics Lab
King, Ethan2020AMANonlinear Feedback Controllers and State Estimators: Theory, Applications, and Real-Time ImplementationTran, NguyenData Sciencetist, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Lagergren, John2020AMAData-driven Discovery and Augmentation of Mathematical ModelsFloresPostdoctoral Research Associate, Computational and Predictive Biology, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Lavigne, Gary Michael2020AMAModeling and Quantifying Spatial Strategies of the Innate Immune Response to Viral InfectionFloresAssistant Director of Communication, Education and Outreach, Southeast Center for Mathematics and Biology

Visiting Assistant Professor
Georgia Institute of Technology
McMahon, Mallory2020AMAUnsupervised Learning Models for Dual-Domain Data with Proximal Geographic ClusteringHaiderData Scientist, Red Hat
Mendlow, Micaela2020AMAAnalysis and Validation of Three-Dimensional Models for Corneal Topography from Optical Coherence Tomography Point Cloud DataHaiderComputational Scientist, Translational Imaging Innovations
Mennicke, Christine2020AMAA Data-Driven Framework for Modeling the Neurogenesis-to-Gliogenesis SwitchHaiderPricing Analyst, National Indemnity
Petroske, Katrina2020AMAEfficient Methods for Image Reconstruction and Uncertainty Quantification with Application to Photo-acoustic TomographySaibabaSr Professional Staff I, John Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab
Vogt, Ryan2020AMAInterface Problems and Binary Electromagnetic Cloaking Designs in Computational ElectromagneticsLiPostdoc, Lawrence Livermore National Lab, Center for Applied Scientific Computing (CASC)
Warrier, Sangeeta2020AMAPredicting Biomedical Time Series Data using Neural NetworksFloresData Scientist, IBM
Yu, Yahe2020AMAMachine Learning Approach to Biological Applications: STI Strategies for HIV and Evolutionary GeneticsTranAssistant Professor, Dalian University of Technology, China
Hollingsworth, Brandon2020BMAEvaluating Aedes-vectored Disease Control: Risks and New ApproachesLloyd, ReiskindPostdoc, UNC - Chapel Hill, Institute of Global Health and Infectious Diseases
Nosbisch, Jamie2020BMAModeling Polarization of the PLC/PKC Signaling Pathway in Fibroblast ChemotaxisHaughSenior Scientist, Applied BioMath
Vella, Michael2020BMAModeling Strategies for Insect Pest Management: Genetic Analyses and Parameter EstimationLloyd, Gould
Ahrens, Katherine2020MACombinatorial Applications of the k-Fibonacci Numbers: A Cryptographically Motivated AnalysisStitzinger, BatsonInstitute for Defense Analysis
Coss, Owen2020MAAnalyzing the Equilibria of Coupled Oscillators: Finding Stability of and Counting Equilibria for the Generalized Kuramoto ModelHongEngineering Product Support, NetApp
Leininger, Dustin2020MAAlgebraic Topology Gets on My Nerves: TDA with some Deep Learning and Chromatic Homology with some PDEsCooper, LidmanData Analyst, PRC Industries, Inc.
Paquette, Chris2020MARoot Bounds for Pham Multivariate Polynomial Systems and Their ApplicationsHongInvestor Reporting Analyst, RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing
Riggs, Brittany2020MAAn improved bound on the degree of a Descartes' rule of signs exactness multiplierHongLecturer, Elon University
Watkins, Seth2020MARealization of L(2/Lambda_0) for the Lie algebra A_{2n-1}^{(2)}MisraData Analyst, GDIT
Yu, Xingjian2020MASubinvariance and Supersolvability in Leibniz AlgebraMisra, StitzingerStatistical Programer- Seattle
Bardall, Aaron2019AMAStatic and dynamic influence of a fluid droplet on a soft deformable solidShearerAssistant Teaching Professor, Penn State - Behrend
Bravo, Nikolas2019AMASynthesis of uncertainty quantification, surrogate modeling, and robust control design for PZT bimorph actuatorsSmithSenior Systems Engineer, Raytheon
Brayfindley, Eva2019AMAAutomated defect detection in spent nuclear fuels in wet storage using machine learning and image analysis techniquesSmithData Scientist (Machine Learning Researcher), Pacific Northwest National Lab
Coleman, Kayla2019AMAActive Subspace Techniques, Bayesian Inference and Uncertainty Propagation for Nuclear Neutronics and Chemistry ModelsSmithFront End Software Engineer, Udacity (LA)
Gaddy, Melissa2019AMAOptimization of radiotherapy treatments with spatiotemporal fractionation schemesPappPractice Expert Manager, Evalueserve
Nikas, Ariel2019AMAMorphoelastic Modeling Applied to Stomach Bending and Lung BranchingLubkinPostdoc, Emory
Owen, Hailey2019AMAA machine learning approach to predict loan defaultTranData Scientist, SAS Institute
Randall, Eric2019AMAMathematical analysis of autonomic control of blood pressure and heart rateOlufsenPostdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Michigan
Sorrell, Emma2019AMAPattern detection and mechanical modeling of cylindrical packing as applied to the notochordLubkinJr Data Engineer, Syngenta
Stanley, Caprice2019AMAMarkov chain mixing timesSullivantJohn Hopkins University, Applied Physics Laboratory
Waddell, Cleveland2019AMAParametric linear system solving with error correctionKaltofenVisiting Assistant Professor, The Evergreen State College
Chandler, Alex2019MAOn thin posets and categorificationSazdanovicPostdoc, University of Vienna, Austria
Crifo, Suzanne2019MASome maximal dominant weights and their multiplicities for affine Lie algebra representationsMisraLearning Consultant, Academic Resource Center, Duke University
Hossain, Chetak2019MAQuotients derived from posets in algebraic and topological combinatoricsReading, HershLecturer, Texas State University
Lynch, Molly2019MATopological and algebraic combinatorics of crystal posetsHershVisiting Assistant Professor, Hollins University
Pongprasert, Suchada2019MAD(1)6 -Geometric Crystal corresponding to the Dynkin spin node i = 6 and its ultra-discretizationMisraLecturer, Department of Mathematics, Srinakharinwirot University, Thailand
Rogers, Elyse2019MAMultipliers and covers of Leibniz algebrasStitzinger, MisraAssistant Professor, Taylor University
Ruddy, Michael2019MAThe equivalence problem and signatures of algebraic curvesKogan, VinzantPostdoc, Max Plack Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences
Simon, Faye Pasley2019MADeterminantal representations, the numerical range and invarianceVinzantAssistant Professor, Greensboro College
Stadnyk, Grace2019MALexicographic shellability, the enriched Tamari poset, and the edge-product space of phylogenetic treesHershAssistant Professor, Furhman University
Summers, Victor2019MATorsion in the Khovanov homology of links and the magnitude homology of graphsSazdanovicAssistant Professor, University of South Carolina - Upstate
Weselcouch, Michael2019MAThe uniqueness and irreducibility of P-partition generating functionsLiuVisiting Assistant Professor, Wake Forest University
Yadavalli, Anila2019MADarboux transformations and Fay identities of the extended brigaded Toda hierarchyBakalovMathCEP Assistant Professor, School of Mathematics, University of Minnesota
Zajaczkowski, Claire2019MASurgery obstructions for Seifert fibered integral homology spheresLidmanTenure-track position, Shaw University
Bernstein, Amanda2018AMAModeling and control: applications to a double inverted pendulum and radio frequency interferenceTranORISE postdoctoral fellow, EPA
Bernstein, Andrew2018AMANumerical techniques for hydrodynamic and morphodynamic modelingChertockInstructor, Louisburg College
Chen, Xiaohong2018AMASome advances and applications of immersed interface methodsLiSoftware Engineer, MathWorks
Ellis, John (Austin)2018AMAPerformant hybrid and parallel domain decomposed Monte Carlo methods for radiation transportKelleyPostdoctoral Fellow, Sandia NL
Hart, Joseph2018AMAExtensions of global sensitivity analysis: theory, computation, and applicationsGremaudPostdoctoral Fellow, Sandia NL
Laubmeier, Amanda2018AMAModel-driven approach to experimental validation of predator-prey dynamics in a system of terrestrial arthropodsBanksPostdoctoral Faculty, U. of Nebraska-Lincoln
Leon, Lider2018AMAParameter subset selection and subspace analysis techniques applied to a polydomain ferroelectric material phase-field energy modelSmithStaff Scientist, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab
Martin, Kristina2018AMAOptimal control in free and moving boundary couplings of Navier-Stokes and nonlinear elasticityBociuInstructor, U. of Georgia
Noorman, Marcella 2018AMAAnalysis of fluid flow models with biological applicationsBanks, BociuPostdoctoral Research Associate, Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Wang, Tianheng 2018AMAHybrid impulsive and mean field control systemsMedhinCorporate Treasury, Goldman Sachs
Yong, Yicong2018AMAPortfolio optimization for stock with delaysPangFinancial Analyst, US Bank - Cincinnati, OH
Clark, Natalie2018BMAGene regulatory networks controlling multicellular developmentLloyd
Murad, Neha2018BMAQuantitative Modeling and Optimal Control of Immunosuppressant Treatment Dynamics in Renal Transplant RecipientsBanks
Bernstein, Daniel2018MAMatroids in algebraic statisticsSullivantNSF Postdoc, MIT
Boulware, Naomi2018MAHyperplane arrangements and q-Varenko matricesMisra, JingVisiting Assistant Professor, Earlham College
Boyle, Kristen2018MAOn derivations of Leibniz algebrasMisra, StitzingerAssistant Professor, Longwood University (VA)
Castle, Lucas2018MAWell-posedness and control in moving boundary fluid-structure interactionsBociuTeaching Postdoc, Virginia Military Institute
Combs, Alexander2018MAThe generalized ideal index and CAP*-subalgebras of Leibniz algebrasStitzingerNASA
Hough, Zachary2018MAmu-bases and algebraic moving frames: theory and computationHong, KoganMathematics Learning Specialist, US Naval Academy
Leonesio, Justin2018MAFormations of Leibniz algebrasStitzingerMath. Dept. Chair, Wake Christian Academy
Scofield, Daniel2018MAPatterns in Khovanov link and chromatic graph homologySazdanovicAssistant Professor, Francis Marion University
Viel, Shira2018MACluster algebras and mutation-linear algebra: folding, dominance, and the orbifolds modelReadingAssistant Professor of the Practice of Mathematics, Duke U.
Zhao, Yang2018ORA simple and robust expected shortfall estimation approach and a comprehensive comparison of volatility modelsPangResearch Statistician Developer, SAS Institute
Alanezy, Khalid Ali2017AMAOptimal control of moving interface and phase-field separationIto
Brady, Renee2017AMAMathematical modeling of the acute inflammatory response & cardiovascular dynamics in young menOlufsenPostdoctoral Fellow, Moffit Cancer Center
Derochers, Steven2017AMANumerical study and feedback stabilization of a linear hydro-elasticity modelBociuInstructor, University of South Carolina
Giffen, Deena2017AMASimulating non-dilute transport in porous media using thermodynamically constrained averaging theory based modelSmithLimnology modeling project manager, Southern Nevada Water Authority
Hu, Rui2017AMAError analysis of the immersed interface method for elliptic problems with an interface LiPostdoctoral Fellowship, University of Waterloo
Ozcan, Seyma Nur2017AMADevelopment of well-balanced and asymptotic preserving numerical methods for partial differential equationsChertockData Modeler and Analyst, Boxbrite Technologies
Sidle, Glenn2017AMAUsing multi-class machine learning methods to predict major league baseball pitchesTranSenior Associate Analytical Consultant, SAS
Skau, Erick2017AMARelaxation to sparse optimization problems and applicationsSzanto, KrimPostdoctoral Fellow, Los Alamos NL
Smith, Nikki2017AMAA comparison of physiologically-based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) models of methyl-tertiary butyl ether (MTBE)Tran, EvansDepartment of Defense
Strait, Melissa2017AMAPhase field models of two-fluid flow in a capillary tube and Hele-Shaw cellShearer Applied Physics Lab, Johns Hopkins U.
Giuffre, Carl2017BMATechnological methods in the health assessment of Western honey bees (Apis mellifera)LubkinVisiting Assistant Professor, St. Mary's College of Maryland
Ambrosino, Mary2017MAMaximum gap of (inverse) cyclotomic polynomialsHongAnalyst, Accenture
Barnard, Emily2017MAThe canonical join representation in algebraic combinatoricsReadingZelevinsky Research Instructor, Northeastern U.
Meehan, Emily2017MAPosets and Hopf Algebras of rectangulationsReadingTenure Track Assistant Professor, Gallaudet U.
Sullivan, McKay2017MATwisted logarithmic modules of free field and lattice vertex algebrasBakalovTenure Track Assistant Professor, Dixie State U.
White, Ashley2017MAConjugacy and other results in Leibniz algebrasStitzingerAssistant Professor, Belmont Abbey College
Karan, Cagatay2017ORSome problems on Black-Litterman modelPangModel Validation Analyst, First Citizens Bank
Acquesta, Erin2016AMACost and benefit analysis of vaccination strategies for the HIV virusMedhinSandia National Labs
Ayyildiz Akoglu, Tulay2016AMACertifying solutions to polynomial systems over QSzanto, HauensteinResearch Associate, North Carolina State University
Brown, Elisabeth2016AMAA nonlinear conservation law modeling carbon sequestrationShearerInstructor, NC State
Catenacci, Jared2016AMAQuantifying degradation in ceramic matrix composites through electromagnetic interrogation and the related estimation techniquesBanksPostdoc, Department of Energy’s Nevada National Security Site
Jiang, Hansi2016AMAModularity component analysisMeyerStatistical Research Developer, SAS Instititute, Inc.
Lankford, George2016AMAOptimization, modeling, and control: application to klystron designing and hepatitis C virus dynamicsTranData Scientist, Leidos
Lewis, Allison2016AMAGradient-free active subspace construction and model calibration techniques for complex modelsSmithProfessional Staff I, Air and Missile Defense Sector, Johns Hopinks U. Applied Physics Lab
Ozbag, Fatih2016AMAStability analysis of combustion waves in porous mediaSchecterFaculty Position, Turkey
Schmidt, Kathleen2016AMAUncertainty quantification for mixed-effects models with application in nuclear engineeringSmithStaff Scientist, Lawrence Livermore NL
Tanadkithirun, Raywat2016AMAPartition-based proposal distributions for importance samplingKangAssistant Professor at Chulalongkorn U. Thailand
Toth, Alexander2016AMAA theoretical analysis of Anderson acceleration and application in multiphysics simulation for light-water reactorsKelleyPostdoctoral Fellow, Sandia NL
Wang, Zhaohui2016AMAA Robin Robin domain decomposition method for a Stokes-Darcy system with a locally modified meshLiQuantitative Associate, WellsFargo Bank
Mader, Gregory2016BMAModeling cerebral autoregulation during orthostatic stress in the presence of aging and hypertension OlufsenSenior Research Health Economist, RTI International
Wagner, Jessica (MS)2016BMAA Parameter Analysis of a Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetic (PBPK) Model Describing the Movements of 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin in the MouseLloyd
Al-Kateeb, Ala'a Q.M.2016MAStructures and properties of cyclotomic polynomialsHongAssistant Professor, Yarmouk University, Jordan
Benfield, Michael2016MASome geometric aspects of hyperbolic conversation lawsKogan, JenssenLecturer, San Diego State U
Bryan, Timothee2016MAHall-Littlewood vertex operators and the Kostka-Foulkes polynomialsJing, StitzingerVisiting Assistant Professor, Colgate University
Demir, Ismail2016MAClassification of 5-dimensional complex nilpotent Leibniz algebrasMisra, StitzingerTurkish Ministry of National Education
Hansen, Brittany2016MAThe hyperbolic Kac-Moody Lie algebra G_2^1 and its root multiplicitiesMisraAssistant Professor, Campbell University
Long, Colby2016MAAlgebraic geometry of phylogenetic modelsSullivantPostdoctoral Fellow, Mathematical Biosciences Institute, Ohio State University
Turner, Bethany2016MASome criteria for solvable and supersolvable Leibniz algebrasStitzinger, MisraLecturer, Appalachian State U.
Hussain, Azmat2016ORSome optimization problems for stochastic systems with memoryPangAssistant Professor, Lahore University of Management Science, Lahore, Pakistan
Adoteye, Kaska2015AMABiological applications of uncertainty quantification, including multiscale daphnia magna population modelingBanksData Scientist, Cybraics
Battista, Christina2015AMAParameter estimation of viscoelastic models in a 1-D circulatory networkOlufsen, HaiderPostdoctoral Researcher, Hamner Institutes for Health Sciences
Bookman, Lake2015AMAApproximate solitons of the Landau-Lifshitz equationHoeferHelmsley Postdoctoral Teaching Scholar, Yale University
Britt, Darrell2015AMAHigh-order accurate solutions to the Helmholtz equation in the presence of boundary singularityTsynkovFulbright Postdoctoral Scholar, School of Mathematics, Tel Aviv U., Israel
Burch, Tiffany2015AMASupersolvable Leibniz algebraStitzinger
Chen, Guanyu2015AMAAccurate gradient computation for elliptic interface problems with discontinuous and variable coefficientsLiBank of America
Fregosi, Anna2015AMACalibration of thermal soil properties in the shallow subsurfaceKelleyQuantitative Finance Analyst, Bank of America, Charlotte, NC
Herman, Aaron2015AMAPositive root bounds and root separation bounds HongAmazon.com
Hoang, Phuong2015AMASupervised learning in baseball pitch prediction and hepatitis C diagnosis Tran
Holodnak, John2015AMATopics in randomized algorithms for numerical linear algebraIpsenTechnical Staff, MIT Lincoln Lab
Kennedy, Emese2015AMASwing-up and stabilization of a single inverted pendulum: real time implementation TranPostdoctoral Researcher, Yale University
Landi, Amanda2015AMAThe nonnegative matrix factorization: methods and applicationsItoAssistant Vice President, Financial Intelligence, Bank of America
Nance, James2015AMAInvestigating molecular dynamics with sparse grid surrogate modelsKelleyPostdoctoral Fellow, Oak Ridge NL
Ngamini, Melissa2015AMANonlinear filtering problems for systems governed by PDESItoAssistant Professor, Morehouse College
Panza, Nicole2015AMAModeling follicle wave dynamics in the menstrual cycleSelgradeAssistant Professor, Francis Marion University
Scott, Jason2015AMAFault detection in differential algebraic equationsCampbellAnalyst, M&T Bank, Buffalo, NY
Varga, Katherine2015AMAPortfolio optimization with stochastic dividends and stochastic volatilityPangQuantitative Risk Analyst, CoBank
Wentworth, Mami2015AMAVerification techniques for parameter selection and Bayesian model calibration presented for an HIV modelSmithAssistant Professor, Wentworth Institute of Technology
Antonelli, Tim2015BMAPopulation dynamics models for Wolbachia and its host, the Dengue Vector Aedes aegyptiLloyd
Batson, Scott2015MAOn the relationship between two embeddings of ideals into geometric space and the shortest vector problem in principal ideal latticesStitzingerSpace and Naval Warfare Station, Charleston, SC
Bishop, Abigail2015MAInvolution posets of non-crystallographic Coxeter groupsHelminckAssistant Professor, Iona College
Bock, Brandon2015MAAlgebraic and combinatorial properties of statistical models for ranked dataSullivantWake County Public Schools
Coonley, Brett2015MASequential programming for PDE constrained optimizationItoTeacher, Achievement Academy of Durham
Daleo, Noah2015MAAlgorithms and applications in numerical elimination theoryHauensteinOak Ridge National Labs
Hunnell, Mark2015MAOrbits of minimal parabolic k-subgroups on symmetric k-varietiesHelminckAssistant Professor, Winston-Salem St University
Ivy, Samuel2015MAClassifying the fine structures of involutions acting on root systemsHelminckAssistant Professor, West Point Military Academy
Mason, Sarah2015MAConjugacy classes of maximal k-split tori invariant under the involution SL(n,k)Helminck
Rahmoeller, Margaret2015MAOn Demazure crystals for the quantum affine algebra U_q(sl^n)MisraVisiting Assistant Professor, Roanoke College
Sutherland, Amanda2015MAGeneralization of the Cartan and Iwasawa decompositions to SL2(k)HelminckAssistant Professor, Shenandoah University
Wheeless, William2015MAAdditional symmetries of the extended Toda hierarchyBakalovDepartment of Defense
Li, Le2015ORNumerical studies for CVA with DWR and portfolio optimization with mixed normal distributionPangResearch Statistician Developer, SAS Institute
Bathmann, Kristen2014AMAState estimation from sparse observation networks and satellite measurementsHarlimI.M. Systems Group (NOAA affiliate)
Elashegh, Ahlam2014AMAMathematical and computational mixture models for cartilage regeneration in cell-seeded scaffoldsHaiderGovernment Scholar, Libya
Jeeruphan, Thanawit2014AMARandom walk with jump dependent cookies on ZKangAssistant Professor, Uban Ratchathani U., Thailand
Kapraun, Dustin2014AMACell proliferation models, CFSE-based flow and cytometry data, and quantification of uncertaintyBanksUS Environmental Protection Agency
Lowman, Nicholas2014AMAViscous fluid conduits as a prototypical nonlinear dispersive wave platformHoeferBB&T, Model Risk Management
Rohal, James2014AMAConnectivity in semi-algebraic setsHongAssistant Professor, West Liberty University
Thompson, Karmethia2014AMASolving nonlinear constrained optimization time delay systems with a direct transcript approachCampbellNational Security Agency (classified)
Wentworth, Thomas2014AMALeverage scores: sensitivity and applications to randomized algorithmsIpsenPostdoctoral Fellow, Computational Biology, MIT
Williams, Nakeya2014AMAMathematical modeling of cardiovascular dynamics during head-up tiltOlufsenAssistant Professor, West Point Military Academy
Haargaard Olsen, Christian2014BMAModeling heart rate regulation by the BaroreflexOlufsenStatistical Programming Specialist, Novo Nordisk, Denmark
Mangum, Amanda2014BMASelf organizing maps for data clustering in acoustic radiation force ultrasound imaging of cardiovascular tissuesHaiderAssistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, Niagara University
Matzuka, Brett2014BMANonlinear filtering methodologies for parameter estimation and uncertainty quantification in noisy, complex biological systemsTran
Traud, Amanda2014BMAAnimal social networks and movementLloyd
Adams, Stephen2014MAOn the cross section lattice of reductive monoidsPutchaAssistant Professor, Cabrini College
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