M.S. Programs

We offer M.S. programs in both mathematics and applied mathematics, with two options, an M.S. degree with project and an Option B M.S. degree for students in Ph.D. programs. We also join with other departments to offer interdisciplinary master’s degrees in biomathematics, financial mathematics and operations research.

Our M.S. programs are designed to ensure that the student acquires a reasonably broad background in either mathematics or applied mathematics and studies one or more areas in depth.

The programs attract a diverse group of excellent students. Graduates go on to Ph.D. programs or exciting jobs in a number of fields.


Master’s in Mathematics or Applied Mathematics

Option B Master’s in Mathematics or Applied Mathematics (for students in Ph.D. programs)


Graduate Certificate


Computational Mathematics in the applied mathematics master’s program


Minor in Mathematics

Split Minor in Mathematics

Interdisciplinary Programs


Financial Mathematics

Operations Research