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Recruiting Tutors for Summer and Fall 2017

The Academic Support Program for Student Athletes is looking to hire tutors for the summer and fall 2017 semesters. The job description and the link for the applicants to apply is provided below.  Please send this to any students that you feel meet the criteria. Thanks for your time!

*Requirements for all Academic Skills Enhancement Program Staff*

Must have at least a 3.25 cumulative grade point average, demonstrate proficiency in coursework and/or have received a B+ or higher in the courses selected to tutor. Must abide by North Carolina State University, NCAA and ASPSA rules and regulations. Must be able to teach academic success strategies to a diverse student population in a one-on-one or small group setting. Must have the ability to effectively communicate verbally and have skills to develop written reports. Must be attentive to detail and accurate in record keeping. Ability to work a flexible schedule including nights and weekends. Preference can be given to individuals who have tutoring experience or other educational qualifications. Preference given to individuals who are a sophomore or higher standing.

Any questions should be directed to Kristen Lee at