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SAS Academy for Data Science: Innovation awaits

Send us your best and brightest – we’ll make SAS® Certified Data Scientists out of them.

Are you facing an analytics skills gap that stops you from making the most of your critical data?

To stay competitive, you need people with the ability to ask the right questions of the data and understand the answers. You need qualified data scientists.

And the best part? They may already be working for you.

Invest in the SAS® Academy for Data Science

Whether you want to train new hires or promote from within, the SAS Academy for Data Sciencewill turn your employees into experts in data management, big data and analytics. Our academy offers:

  • Unmatched expertise. The leader in business analytics, SAS owned the data science space before “data science” was even a term.
  • Comprehensive scope. We teach SAS, Hadoop and other open technologies.
  • Blended training: Enjoy the convenience of self-paced training and access to software.
  • Classroom training. Entrench yourself in a six- or 12-week program at SAS headquarters.
  • Immersive programs. Choose your path by becoming a SAS Certified Big Data Professional, SAS Certified Advanced Analytics Professional or a SAS Certified Data Scientist.
  • Elite, global recognition. Complete the coursework and exams to earn esteemed SAS credentials.

Strike while the iron’s hot! Investing in the SAS Academy for Data Science will produce huge rewards for your employees and your organization.

Start Today!