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LFG Actuarial Immersion Day

The Actuarial Development Program (ADP) at Lincoln Financial Group will be hosting an LFG Actuarial Immersion Day for undergraduate students on November 14th, 2017. We are excited to extend an invitation to NC State and believe this will be beneficial for all students interested in the actuarial profession.

A more detailed itinerary will be provided closer to the Immersion Day, but students from several area colleges and universities will arrive at Lincoln’s office in downtown Greensboro, NC on the morning of the 14th. The day will consist of speaking with current ADP participants, learning about Lincoln and the work that actuaries do here, lunch, a small team project, and a moderated panel for students to ask questions. Your students should leave the Immersion Day with a better understanding of the actuarial profession, pathways to ASA and FSA, business units at Lincoln, and what a typical day looks like across various levels of actuaries and ADP participants.

Kyle Davis, a current ADP participant, is organizing the event. Please let him know by October 10th if your school is interested in participating in the LFG Actuarial Immersion Day on November 14th. If your students are interested, Kyle will follow up with you to provide more information. If you have any questions in the meantime, feel free to reach out to Kyle at