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Undergrads at SIAM UQ

Undergraduate Projects in Uncertainty Quantication

SIAM UQ18, April 16-19

Orange Country, California, USA


The 2018 SIAM Conference on Uncertainty Quantication is planning on having one or two sessions devoted to undergraduate research projects related to uncertainty quantication, statistical modeling, statistical inverse problems, stochastic methods, and related topics. This will build on the success of previous undergraduate sessions and SIAM Annual and CSE meetings. Interested students should submit the following by e-mail:


Name(s) of student(s), with aliation

Name(s) of Advisor(s), with aliation, and a

Brief abstract


Matthew Parno,

Deadline for submission:

As soon as possible. Details must be nalized in November to be incorporated into the program.

The number of presentation slots is strictly limited, so early submission is advised.