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Summer 2018 Undergrad/Grad Internships at Space Vehicles Directorate

The AFRL Scholars Program Website is now open and accepting applications for the Summer of 2018.

The deadline for applications is 16 January 2018; note that recommendation letters are desirable so folks will want to get the process started before
the deadline.

The website is; if they type my name (Erwin) into the keyword search field, they will pull up my

– Computationally Efficient Optimal Control & Estimation
– Distributed Guidance & Control of Spacecraft Formations
– Space-Based Robotics Testbed (twice, one for undergrads, one for grads)
– Spacecraft Mass and Inertia Change Detection

Students interested in Guidance, Navigation, & Controls research looking for
something other than below can type in the names of other folks in the GNC
program here to see the other topics in our group:

– Christopher Petersen (orbit/attitude control, MPC, fault
– Morgan Baldwin (constrained optimal control)
– Ryan Weisman (astrodynamics, nonlinear dynamics, estimation/orbit
– T. Alan Lovell (orbit determination, data association, formation control,
– Jacob Darling (navigation, attitude estimation)
– Andrew Sinclair (nonlinear dynamics/control/estimation, orbit
– Chau Ton (robotics, formation control)
– Capt. Jordan Kirk (attitude determination & control)
– Lt. Dylan Penn (attitude determination & control)
– Lt. Stephen Phillips (formation control, robotics)