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Undergraduate Summer Workshop in Geometry/Topology at Notre Dame

Undergraduate summer workshop in Geometry/Topology at Notre Dame
Application deadline: 4/30/18
July 30 – August 3, 2018
This is a week long event with two components: Part I, where basic concepts in geometry and topology will be introduced, followed by Part II, which will be a workshop aimed at more advanced undergraduates. Participants can attend part I, part II, or both.
Part I: A first glimpse
July 30 – August 1
Speakers: Mark Behrens, Rosemary Guzman
The first two and a half days of the workshop will have two or three short courses assuming very little mathematical background. Potential topics are: “What is a manifold?”, “What is curvature?”, “Knot theory”, and “Hyperbolic geometry”. A typical participant in this part would have taken a Calculus sequence as well as a few other math courses such as Linear Algebra. Part I will consist of lectures by Mark Behrens and Rosemary Guzman, with active learning components facilitated by graduate student mentors.
Part II: Advanced topics
August 1 – 3
The last two and a half days of the workshop will consist of talks outlining more advanced topics of current research interest. In addition there will be an undergraduate presentation session where undergraduates can present their research. Some background in topology or geometry will be assumed from the participants.