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Habitat for Humanity: Shack-A-Thon 
Shack-A-Thon is a student-run fundraiser that started at NC State in 1998 with one shack and a few passionate students wanting to bring awareness to the issue of affordable housing.  Over the past 20 years, the event has raised more than $450,000 for Habitat for Humanity of Wake County.
Shack-A-Thon is happening this week on the Brickyard (September 24 – 28th).
The College of Sciences Council (umbrella organization to all College of Sciences student organizations) and  ΑΧΣ  (Professional Chemistry Fraternity) have a shack on the brickyard and would appreciate your support. Please stop by the shack during the week to donate, buy goodies or buy raffle tickets for NC State prizes (to raise funds for Habitat for Humanity).