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Poland STEM Semester Info Session Thurs Nov 29 at 4 or 5p

Please let your students know about this returning program for Fall 2019.

Information Sessions
Thursday, November 29th | 4:00 PM – Dabney Hall, Rm 201
Thursday, November 29th |   5:00 PM – Dabney Hall, Rm 201
Friday, November 30th | 1:30 PM – Talley Student Union, Rm 4207
Monday, December 3rd | 4:30 PM – Hunt Library, Rm 4105
Program Overview
Study at a top university in Poland! Students will engage in coursework and labs taught by Adam Mickiewicz University, a world-class institution with brand new facilities in Poznan, a historic riverside city. This program provides additional on-site support services from on-site staff for the full semester. Choose from about twenty-four courses in a number of STEM (and other) fields for a full-time course load (transfer credit). This program includes a six day visit to Krakow and Zakopane and excursions to cities such as Warsaw and Obrzyscko.

Course availability will be pending departmental approval and subject to meeting minimum enrollment.

Coursework and laboratory courses will be held at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, a world class university with brand new facilities and an excellent faculty. All courses will be taught in English, and will offer transfer (ECTS) credit. Some on-site tutoring will be also be arranged.

Tentative Course Equivalents offered for the courses below: 

General Chemistry — CH 201 and CH 202
Organic Chemistry — CH 221/223  and CH 222/224 lab
Physical Chemistry — CH 433 and CH 331
Analytical Chemistry — CH 315
Physics — PY 205/206 and PY 208/209 lab
Physics I for Biology and non-Engineering Students
Physics II for Biology and non-Engineering Students
Biology — BIO 181 and BIO 183
General Microbiology — MB 351 and MB 352 lab
Human Anatomy — BIO  ***  and lab
Genetics — GN  3**
Calculus II and III — MA 241 and 242
Differential Equations — MA 341
Engineering Statics — MAE 206
Beginning Polish Language — FL 295
Modern Polish History — HI 395
Intro to Polish Culture — GK 295
International Relations —  HUMGK 295
Health and Fitness, Physical Education — HESF 101

Program Facts
NC State Program Cost:
Budget SheetProgram Dates:
August 1 – December 20, 2019Locations:
Poznan, Poland

2.75+ GPA