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ACC Meeting of the Minds – Undergraduate Research Presentation Opportunity

The 14th Annual ACC Meeting of the Minds will be held at University of Louisville

March 29-31, 2019

NC State University’s OUR is looking for 6 students/projects to take

to the University of Louisville to present their original undergraduate research and represent the NC State University research community.

Travel related expenses are covered for those students who are selected, courtesy of the ACCAC and NC State University OUR.

Please be prepared to provide general information and agree to acknowledgement statement on the application prior to starting, as well as the following:

  1. A faculty letter of support emailed directly to
  2. Abstract (250 words / 2000 characters max)
  3. Copy of Unofficial Transcript
  4. Completed Application
Acceptance to this conference would require you to the following as part of your acceptance:
  • Travel to and from Raleigh to Louisville early on Friday March 29 and returning late Sunday March 31, 2019. All travel costs and arrangements will be provided for you, though incidentals will not.
  • Meeting as a group two times before traveling: 1. to discuss travel and presentations and 2. to do mock presentations.
  • While teams may apply, only 1 student (Lead Student) will be able to travel and present at ACC MoM.

ACC Meeting of the Minds webpage and application

Deadline to apply is January 20, 2019 at 11pm
This is a hard deadline and extensions will not be given.
Students who submitted an application will be notified of a decision by 2/1/2019