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DataFest–Data Analysis Competition!

Interested in big data and data analytics? Looking for an experience that can help build your resume in these areas? Then DataFest is for you!

DataFest is a data analysis competition where teams of up to 5 students attack a large, complex, and surprise dataset over a weekend. Your job is to represent your school by finding and communicating insights into these data. The teams that impress the judges will win prizes as well as glory for their school. Everyone will have a great experience, lots of food, and fun!

Anyone (undergraduate or masters students) who enjoys problem solving can participate in DataFest; interdisciplinary teams with a mix of skill sets tend to perform very well!
If you are interested in learning more, there will be an information session Wednesday March 6, from 6-7pm in 5270 SAS Hall. During this time, students will get a chance to meet and mingle with other participants, allowing them to form teams if they choose.