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Math Teacher Jobs

How does Southern Teachers work?
  • Interested students should apply via our website
  • We review applications promptly and accept students that we can help find a job.
  • A placement counselor will interview the candidate and support him/her during the entire job search process.
Founded in 1902, Southern Teachers is the oldest teacher recruiter in the country, and we help teachers find jobs at the finest schools in the South.
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Again, we would be pleased to talk with you about the work we do. K-12 students deserve the best teachers possible. We want to help schools find these teachers and to help teachers find jobs in which they can thrive.
Thank you very much for your consideration.
Ali Buchanan | Recruitment Coordinator
434-295-9122 |
Job Fairs in 2020
Atlanta | Super Bowl Saturday, Feb. 1
Dallas | Saturday, Feb. 22
Charlottesville | Saturday, March 28