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Seats available under FL for FL/ENG 275 Lit and War

Literature and War is back Spring ’20 as FL/ENG 275 (MWF 10:40).
Cross listed: 20 seats under FL, 5 seats under ENG. All ENG seats are filled but there are seats available under FL.

Please let your students know about it if they need the following: (Assure them that cross-listed courses are the exact same course, same time, place, and teacher, fulfilling the same requirements!)

Humanities req
Global Knowledge co req
CHASS Lit 2 req.

Lit and War looks at how people speak of, reflect on, and tell stories about war in the context of history and the evolving technology of conflict. This course looks at writings about the experience of war both historically and thematically and does so from multiple perspectives, including literary, historical and technological. Issues will include the nature and purpose of war, the role of weaponry in dictating battle, the question of a just war, the theory of deterrence, and an examination of the soldier. Texts include the Sunzi’s The Art of War, the Iliad, Tales of the Heike, sea novels of Patrick O’Brien, American, British, Russian, and Japanese views of World Wars I and II, Spycraft, Holmstedt’s Band of Sisters, and Filkins’s The Forever War. (Fulfills GER Lit requirement and Global Knowledge co req.