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BSME and the Hungarian Pedagogy

Budapest Semesters in Mathematics Education (BSME) has influenced many students, some who are pursuing a teaching license in mathematics and others who are mathematics majors curious about the Hungarian pedagogy based on guided discovery.

Recently we created a flyer that describes the Hungarian pedagogy, which is the focus of the BSME program. You can view that flyer here:

We kindly ask that you forward this message to your students who are interested in the learning and teaching of mathematics in a study abroad setting.

Please let your students know that the BSME application deadlines are as follows:

  • Summer 2020 term is April 1
  • Fall 2020 semester is May 1
  • Spring 2021 semester is Nov. 1

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis so students are encouraged to start their applications now at We also welcome recent graduates to apply, including current seniors and in-service teachers.