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UNCW MS Mathematics Program

As the coordinator for the Master of Science of Mathematics Program at the University of North Carolina Wilmington, I am writing to you to give you some information about our program to pass along to your undergraduate students.  The program offers a variety of potential areas of study in pure and applied mathematics, along with statistics (and students can get a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Statistics in conjunction with the MS Mathematics degree).  Many students go on to industry careers, often in health care and pharmaceuticals or finance, others become mathematics or statistics instructors at the college level, and some go on to doctoral programs in mathematics or statistics.  It is a relatively small program that typically enrolls about 20 students on a full-time basis, so those students end up having regular access to faculty.  Full-time students are typically supported by a teaching assistantship, at a salary of approximate $13,000 per year, and a limited number of out-of-state tuition remissions are available.

If you have students that you feel would benefit from considering our program, please pass this information along to them.  We are currently accepting applications for Fall 2020, and our priority deadline for TA support is April 1st, though we may still have positions available after that date.  Also, as part of my role in the coordinator position, one of my major goals is to develop a long-term relationship between our programs.  I, or another representative from our faculty, would be happy to come and visit your department if an opportunity presents itself.  Plus, it would be a pleasure to have you or other representatives from your faculty visit us here in Wilmington.