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Seats Available in A New Maymester Course! SOC/SSUS 295: Children and Childhood

New Maymester Course!

SOC/SSUS 295:  Children and Childhood

Course Description

What are the family, school, neighborhood, community and cultural forces that influence children’s lives?  How has childhood changed over time? What are the sources of inequality among children and what inequalities are apparent among children today?  How do children navigate the challenges and pressures they face? What are the implications for children’s opportunities to succeed and to live a rewarding life?  In this class, we will learn about: 1) family, neighborhood, school, community and cultural forces that act on children and their role in generating and perpetuating class, race, gender and other inequalities, 2) how children and adolescents perpetuate and/or challenge inequalities, and 3) how these processes influence the life chances of children from diverse backgrounds.  Special emphasis is placed on understanding the experiences of poor and minority children, including how segregation, school discipline, and contact with the criminal justice system influence children’s paths in life.  The course will include hands-on activities to assess local children’s experiences with class segregation, race segregation and school discipline.


This course may be taken as SOC 295 or SSUS 295.  If taken as SSUS 295, this course fulfills the GEP Social Sciences requirement and the U.S. Diversity co-requisite.

Maymester 2020: This course will be online and partially synchronous (generally meeting online for 1-1.5 hours each day).


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