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STEM teaching fellowship for your students! (Nov 4)

Dear Colleague,

The WW Teaching Fellowship’s most successful Fellows have found us through recommendations from trusted sources like you. To ensure that students in high-need schools in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh have access to quality STEM learning experiences, please consider passing this email along to gifted candidates with strong STEM backgrounds. These schools need prepared, creative teachers now more than ever.

As you may know, the WW Teaching Fellowship program equips those with excellent content area knowledge with extensive preparation through a cutting-edge M.Ed. so they can rise to any challenge they might face in a classroom.

The WW Teaching Fellowship provides a $32,000 stipend, admission into a competitive M.Ed. program, extensive clinical practice, ongoing mentoring, teacher certification, and more. This year’s first application deadline is November 4, 2020

Interested candidates can start an application here.



Nov. 4, 2020 | Jan. 11, 2020 | Mar. 1, 2021