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E 115 & CSC Course Enrollment Requests Inbox

Information for students trying to enroll in E 115 and/or any of the following “on campus/not Distance Education” CSC courses they cannot enroll in on their own.

CSC 111, 113, 116, 216/217, 226, 230, 316, 236, and 246

If they are requesting a CSC 11* class, they should NOT enroll in E 115 Section 302.

Students should, of course, attempt to enroll on their own and only use the form if they are unable to enroll on or after their individual enrollment date. Please feel free to peruse the Moodle enrollment request site on your own and I am happy to answer any questions you, or your students, may have.

Thank you for passing this information along to your interested students!

ToniAnn Marini
Assistant Director Undergraduate Advising

Computer Science


To request a seat in E 115 or an “on campus” CSC course that you cannot enroll in on your own via MyPack, please complete an enrollment request form in Moodle.

To get to the request form:

1. Click on the link below or copy/paste into your favorite web browser and go to the following address for Moodle:

  1. Once you have logged into Moodle, join the Moodle site by clicking on the Enroll mebutton.  Please keep in mind you may have to SCROLLdown the page to find this button.

**Joining the Moodle site DOES NOT enroll you in the course you are requesting**

  1. Begin with the topmost Moodle block entitled “Important Information:START HERE” once you are brought to the Moodle site.

If you have any issues with or questions about the Moodle site, please direct them to Ms. Marini (