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PackCareers Newsletter: College of Sciences- Issue 4 Vol. 2020-2021

In these Unprecedented Times
the search for jobs and internships has not stopped! There are many resources available through NCSU to help you learn about your career path options, search for opportunities, and prepare to apply to your next big thing. So while the times may be unprecedented, your identity and career development doesn’t have to be.


Students will…

  • Explore majors and careers that are a good fit for your interests, skills, and values
  • Receive support from trained coaches, and mentors who know what it takes to succeed
  • Create a plan that will take you from classroom to career
Certificate Completion Requirements

Earn points by watching interactive videos and completing activities on the Moodle Site. Watch your progress towards your certification on the progress bar.

Career Counseling Services

Schedule a virtual appointment to speak with the College of Sciences career counselors Wesley Wade and Kristina Platt. Your counselor will be able to assist you with interview prep, resume/CV support, career/major decision making, Graduate school decisions and documents, and much more! Make an appointment today through ePACK to get support!



Beginning in this newsletter we will be sharing available opportunities on ePACK and Career Shift. You can find Career Shift and other job search engines on the right-hand side of your home screen when you log into ePACK.

So… What is Career Shift?
Career Shift is a job hunting and career management site that NCSU students have access to through ePACK.
Some Current Opportunities
Listings with (+) indicate multiple job opportunities with the company
Research & Development Intern ♦ RB (Reckitt Benckiser) ♦ Montvale, NJ ♦ Undergraduate
Research Associate- Cell Molecular Gene Therapy (+) ♦ AskBio ♦ Durham, NC ♦ BS/MS
Pharmaceutical Sciences Intern ♦ ThermoFisher Scientific ♦ High Point, NC ♦ Undergraduate
2-Year Medical Service-Learning Fellowship ♦ MedServe ♦ Locations Vary ♦ Post-Bachelor’s
Medical Assistant ♦ Allergy, Asthma, and Science Center ♦ Cary, NC ♦ Undergraduate/Graduate
Medical Office Intern ♦ Family Medical Associates of Raleigh ♦ Raleigh, NC ♦ Undergraduate
Quality Control Intern-OFP ♦ Novo Nordisk ♦ Durham, NC ♦ Undergraduate
Earth Science
Stormwater Outreach/Education Intern ♦ City of Wilmington ♦ Wilmington, NC ♦ Undergraduate
Meteorology Intern ♦ Xactware ♦ Lexington, MA ♦ Undergraduate
Applied Mathematics
National Security Intern (+) ♦ Pacific Northwest National Laboratory ♦ Seattle, WA ♦ Undergraduate
And Many More!


Keep on learning from home and expanding your resume with these virtual professional development opportunities!
Wednesday, October 14th, 2020 at 1:00 PM  |NIH VideoCast
All living things need metals to survive. At the host/pathogen interface, bacteria must acquire those metals from within. While host and microbe battle over metals like iron and manganese, not all host utilized metals are desirable for bacteria. In fact, copper is largely toxic to them; a fact that is exploited by the host. As such, bacteria devote significant resources to maintain metal homeostasis through systems that address the stress of excess or deficiency. Here, Dr. Johnson will look at copper stress affected and overcoming systems, how bacteria use metals to perceive their environment, and how we can take advantage of it all to develop new therapeutics.
For more information, visit the event page at the National Institute of General Medical Sciences website

Would you like to learn how to enhance your LinkedIn profile?
Want to learn some tips for making your profile work for you?
Then join us for Enhance Your LinkedIn Profile on October 22nd at 12:00 pm (EST) via Zoom.
The Diversity & Inclusion Office is happy to have Wes Wade, Career Counselor, from the Career Development Center lead us through this 45 minute interactive session.
Register to attend by October 19th: 
Coming soon to a screen near you! If you haven’t already heard, NCUR 2021 will be delivered as a digital event, NCUR @Home on April 12-14, 2021. This is an exciting opportunity for thousands of undergraduate researchers from all disciplinary corners to get together for a unique virtual conference experience. Participants will gain experience presenting their research to a broad audience, opportunities for professional development including a virtual graduate school fair, networking sessions with other students and faculty in their fields, and more!
SUBMIT AN ABSTRACT: Submissions are open. Submit as an individual or part of a research group (if submitting as a group, all co-presenters must create separate NCUR user accounts).
[If you were previously accepted to present at NCUR 2020, you will be automatically accepted to present at NCUR 2021 @Home, but you MUST review and resubmit your 2020 abstract in order to be accepted again.]
APPLY! NCUR 2021 Registration Award
Available to current NC State University undergraduate students to present their undergraduate research at NCUR 2021 @ Home virtual (National Conference on Undergraduate Research) provided by the Office of Undergraduate Research at NC State.
If awarded, the OUR will cover the cost of early rate registration.