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Quantum Computing Workshop Event Information

An Introduction to Quantum Computing with IBM Qiskit — Quantum Information Club at NC State

On Friday, October 30th from 1:00 to 3:30 pm ET, the Quantum Information Club at NC State will be hosting an introductory workshop on understanding and programming quantum computers. Speakers Brian Ingmanson and James Weaver, members of the IBM Qiskit community and developer teams, will provide participants with a broad overview of the field of quantum computing, why the US government and companies like IBM are investing so much money in the field, and how students can get involved before introducing participants to the basics of a quantum bit (qubit) and how to program a real quantum computer using IBM’s cloud based Quantum Experience. If you’ve heard about quantum computing in the news but never had a chance to see what it’s about or how you might use it in the future, this is the workshop for you!

No prior experience with STEM fields or quantum computing is needed to join the workshop, though experience using Python is helpful for using Qiskit. If you would like to participate and receive reminder emails about the event, please use this form, or you can directly join the event using our Zoom link or Calendar invite