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Application deadlines for Spring 2021 Virtual Global Internships

Deadlines for Spring 2021 Virtual Global Internships are approaching. To help guide you in planning, please be aware of these dates*:
Barcelona SAE: 12/1/2020
CAPA: Session 1 12/4/2020, Session 2 1/18/2021
CiSabroad: Sessions 1 and 2 12/15/2020
CRCC Asia: Rolling Admission every 2 weeks
ISEP: GE Virtuoso:  Session 1 11/30/2020; Session 2 12/14/2020; Session 3 12/28/2020
ISEP: The Intern Group: Rolling Admission
* Dates are subject to change by the program provider. If you miss a deadline for a program, contact the provider directly to find out if you can still apply. 
The deadline for completing your Pack Abroad application (to receive academic credit) is 1/4/2021 regardless of program option (including the Virtual Global Exchange program).
Information about NC State recommended Virtual Global Internship programs for spring and summer 2021, how to apply, and a video link to the recent information sessions can be found at Virtual Global Experiences. Click on Virtual Global Internships to learn more. Also, check out another great option, Virtual Global Exchange with Universidad San Francisco de Quito in Ecuador. Both of these options allow you to gain global experience from the safety of home while continuing your NC State studies. More great news-you may be eligible to apply financial aid funds to your virtual global internship if you are seeking credit to fulfill degree requirements.
If you would like to discuss internship program options, please contact Robin Dorfman at For questions about financial aid, academic credit, Pack Abroad application, or the Virtual Global Exchange with Ecuador, contact
Robin Dorfman
Program Associate for External Relations
Office of Global Engagement