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Master of Science in Teaching program with research thesis

The University of Maine is currently accepting applications to our Master of Science (MST) program for Fall 2021.


This two-year program is run by our Center for Research in STEM Education ( and students receive a guaranteed assistantship for both years and the summer between those years. The assistantship may involve being a teaching assistant in an undergraduate course or working as a research assistant on a project or some combination of those (and sometimes other) things.


Students can earn certification to teach secondary school mathematics and/or science and gain teaching experience via on-campus teaching assistantships and a semester-long student teaching placement.


Students also complete a research thesis project under the direction of a STEM education faculty member to investigate some aspect of the teaching or learning of science or mathematics.


The program is a good option for students who are interested in education research but are not sure they want to enroll in a doctoral program or for students who want to be a secondary school teacher but also want to learn about education research along the way. You can view our list of graduates and read about their thesis projects here:

Some choose to do their thesis projects on undergraduate teaching and learning and several of our graduates are active members of the RUME community!

Attached is a flyer for the program. Please forward it to any students you think might be interested in the program. More information about admissions and program requirements can be found at

If you have questions about the program, feel free to contact me.


MST Info Flyer 2020