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REU opportunity, Summer 2021

REU Description: Our research group will investigate phenomena in low dimensional geometry and topology, the study of objects which are 1–, 2–, 3–, or 4–dimensional. Examples of these types of objects include knots (like a tangled-up string with the ends fused together, which are 1–dimensional) and surfaces (like the peel of an orange or the glaze of a donut, which are 2–dimensional). Low dimensional topology and geometry is a rich and active area; in fact, both group leaders are postdoctoral researchers pursuing this field from different perspectives. This research area is interesting for lots of reasons: (1) a lot can be learned and explored by drawing pictures, (2) there are many entry points for students with lots of different backgrounds and skill sets, and (3) it’s fun! Our research group will also provide professional development opportunities, including lunches with mathematicians, and workshops on making research posters & writing personal statements for future opportunities to present at SACNAS, USTARS, and the JMM. We are committed to providing a positive and welcoming environment for all students, especially those from groups that have been historically excluded from academic mathematics. All undergraduate students are welcome to apply.

Tentative Dates: June 1, 2021 — July 9, 2021

Tentative Stipend: $5,000.00

REU website (with link to MathJobs posting):

Application Details: Applications are submitted through MathJobs.Org. The posted deadline is February 15th. We will consider applications submitted through February 20th, when we begin reviewing applications.