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Seeking volunteer math tutors to help children impacted by school closures is a new non-profit project which provides free math tutoring to K-12th grade children via zoom. We work with Title I schools and provide tutoring in English and Spanish. We need more student volunteers to help us meet the needs of the millions of families who are struggling to learn during the pandemic

One of the most challenging impacts of the pandemic is that it has further widened the educational gap between children who have access to private tutoring and those who don’t. As a former tutor, I’ve seen first-hand the impact 1-1 tutoring can make on a child’s education and I passionately believe it’s critical and important that we offer this opportunity to every child.

We currently have hundreds of kids on our waiting list and are urgently seeking more student volunteers who can donate an hour a week of their time to help children with math.

Could you help us get the word out to your students?
Here is some more in-depth information about the program and becoming a tutor. We also provide exceptional training and support for volunteers. We are also hoping to help educate the next generation of teachers and parents! (BTW, we are always looking for awesome math professors to lead trainings for our student teachers if that’s ever of interest)
Interested tutors can contact me directly at or apply via our website.