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#PackCareers Newsletter: College of Science Issue 10, Vol. 2020-2021

#PackCareers Newsletter: College of Sciences- Issue 10 Vol. 2020-2021   Spring 2021 
Each Tuesday in March at 5:30pm, there will be a career event targeting undergraduate and graduate students in the College of Sciences.
March 9th Law School for Sciences -Undergraduate and Graduate
Law schools and firms are targeting STEM students for a wide range of reasons, especially because there is a big need in IP and patent law.
Come listen to deans & senior directors from UNC Law, NCCU Law, Michigan State Law, and Georgia State Law schools discuss their unique programs for STEM students. Ask questions and learn about a potential career path you might have not explored!
March 16th Pi Day – Undergraduate and Graduate
This is the 4th scheduled Pi Day event!
Not interested in research or teaching and not certain what you can do with your math, stats, and/or physics degree(s)?
Speak with employers to learn about career paths with their organizations for math, stats, and physics undergrads & grads!
March 23rd Chem & Bio Industry Networking Night – Undergraduates and Graduates
This is an opportunity for chemistry, biology, microbiology, genetics, zoology, IPN, & MCD students to speak directly with employers and learn more about potential career paths.
March 30th How to Gradschool – Undergraduates
Curious about grad school?
Know you want to go to grad school but want to hear from program coordinators and current grad students?
This event is an opportunity to learn about grad school from the staff & faculty that run graduate programs in addition to the students currently enrolled.
Learn about applying, managing your time & expectations, and what it’s really like.
You can register for any (or all) of the March (Career) Madness events here
Please reach out to the career counselor for the College of Sciences, Wes Wade at
Also, each March (Career) Madness event can be found in ePACK under Events > Workshops > search for “madness” (Pi Day + Chem & Bio Networking Night are under Events > Career Fairs).
Wes Wade, career counselor for the College of Sciences, is currently on leave until March. However, there are a multitude of resources to help students in the College of Sciences.
1) Schedule a virtual appointment with Kristina Platt, graduate assistant career counselor for the College of Sciences. Kristina will be able to assist you with Career Fair prep, resume/CV/cover letter support, career/major decision making, Graduate school decisions and documents, LinkedIn, job search help, and interview preparation.
2) Virtual drop-in hours Monday – Friday from 1pm – 3pm. Just follow the directions in this link to meet with a counselor!
3) Access our tailored resources on the Career Development Center’s website, such as the campus Career Guide, the Career Identity ProgramPack Pros Professional Development Series, and other career-specific events located under the “Workshops” section of the “Events” option on the ePACK homepage.
4) To make an appointment, use ePACK at (also, please keep in mind that ePACK only shows results for available appointments over a two-week time span). If you are having difficulties scheduling an appointment please email Kristina Platt at
Continue learning, expanding your experience, and sharpening your skills with these professional development opportunities below!

Find Your Pack is a program designed with the goal of offering support to students in their undergraduate college careers, with a focus on career development and how it is affected by multiple elements.
Upcoming Sessions
Gaining Experience | March 25
Register Here

Join us during Spring 2021 for a series of LIVE virtual interactive workshops that will give you points towards completing your Career Identity Certificate. RSVP on ePACK or find the full schedule under the Calendar of Events on the CIP Moodle page!
Full Schedule of Live Workshops


-IBM Accelerate Summer Externship 2021-

IBM Accelerate offers undergraduate students a virtual learning experience delivered through weekly live sessions over eight weeks during the summer.

The program will identify and equip students with the knowledge and readiness they need to be prepared for future consideration of opportunities within the technology industry. Learn the skills of the future to adapt and evolve. Explore the technology helping to power industries. Earn a digital badge and network with industry leading IBM professionals.
For more information and to Register:
Login to ePACK to find your next opportunity! If you’re thinking about getting a summer internship or full-time role in May, the time to start searching is NOW!
Some Current Postings
Public Fellows Virtual STEAM Coordinator Intern | SECU | FT Undergraduate Summer ’21
Rural Works! Lab Intern | Avient Biosciences LLC| FT Undergraduate/Graduate Summer ’21
Lecturer in Biology | University of North Carolina-Asheville Campus | FT Graduate/Ph.D
Associate Scientist Gene Therapy | Pfizer Inc. | FT Undergraduate/Graduate
Earth Sciences
Assistant Professor, Fisheries Ecology | George Mason University | FT Graduate (Ph.D)
Environmental Scientist | Wood, Inc. | FT Undergraduate/Graduate
Senior Scientist Biophysical Chemistry | Pfizer Inc. | FT Graduate (Ph.D)
Public Fellows Community Response Team Intern | SECU | FT Undergraduate Summer ’21
Applied Mathematics
Associate Data Scientist | Pfizer Inc. | FT Undergraduate/Graduate
Math Instructor Mathnasium | Contract Undergraduate/Graduate
Statistician | TARGET PharmaSolutions | FT Undergraduate/Graduate
NC State Career Development Center’s career podcast featuring special guests and relevant career conversations
A program designed to help students connect majors and careers with their strengths, values, and personality. Live-virtual and self-paced digital versions available.
Resource to aid students with creating resumes and cover letters, prepping for interviews, and more.
“It’s our best hits album.” – Wes Wade
A (free) comprehensive career search tool from the federal government utilizing statistics from the Bureau of Labor statistics–O*NET has been a resources since 1998!