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Undergrads Union Grads

Undergrads Union Grads (UUG) is back again this year to provide mentorship to undergraduate math majors in the form of graduate students from our math department!  As an undergraduate, this is an excellent opportunity to get advice and guidance from someone who has likely completed a math undergraduate degree before!  Also, if you’re interested in applying to grad school, all of our mentors have successfully applied and gotten into our graduate program, making them an excellent resource for questions regarding applications, GREs, etc.
As a member of UUG, you’ll also get email reminders of the events that we organize, including a Learning LaTeX Tutorial, an Applying to Grad School Presentation and Panel, an Applying to REUs Presentation and Panel, and much more!
If you are interested in joining UUG as a mentee, please fill out the following form:

Also, we are looking for a few undergraduates to join our Executive Committee to help us better fill the needs of our undergraduate members!  As a member of the UUG Executive Committee, you will be responsible for attending most monthly meetings and helping organize any events that you are interested in!  If you are interested in joining our Executive Committee, please let us know by emailing
If you have any questions about being a UUG mentee, any of our events, or joining our Executive Committee, please let us know!
UUG Executive Committee