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NCSU Students: AmeriCorps Opportunity

The University Office of Interdisciplinary Programs is pleased to share this unique AmeriCorps Opportunity that was developed by the Coastal Resilience and Sustainability Initiative and the KIETS Climate Leaders Program in partnership with Conservation Corps North Carolina. Please share this opportunity with your students and academic advisors, as well as posting to your college’s Billboard screens.

It is a 10-week (paid) community coastal resilience immersive training program in which selected students will become Assessment Coordinators for coastal communities. The 6 students selected will receive training on asset mapping, vulnerability assessments, and community engagement, and will work in a team (total cohort is 3 teams of 2 students) with NC State mentors and community hosts to use secondary data that will be refined with community member perspectives that documents coastal climate risks to community assets. Information session information session details and links to more information are included in the attachments.

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