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Invited Visitors


If you are driving to the campus, the Mathematics Department can obtain a free parking permit for you. Your host should request the permit from Alan Porch no more than one week before your visit. You will receive an e-mail from NCSU Transportation with an attached parking permit to be placed on your dashboard. The permit will specify where you should park.


The following hotels have special rates for university visitors. Rooms can be direct billed to the Mathematics Department.

Holiday Inn Express Raleigh NC State (a short drive to SAS Hall)

Aloft of Raleigh (a short walk to NCSU)

Holiday Inn near Crabtree Mall (10 minute drive to NCSU, less expensive)

Do NOT directly reserve the room yourself.

Paying Expenses of Invited Visitors

Before you come

All invited visitors of the department should receive an email prior to their visit. This email will include links to the forms that must be completed prior to your visit if you are being reimbursed or if any of your expenses are being paid directly by the department.

One of these forms is the AP104 NC State University Non-Employee Travel Authorization Form.
This form is a .xls file, and requires a program such as Excel or OpenOffice to open it. It contains macros; you must approve using these macros in a dialog box before opening the file.

Please complete lines 5 (omit Traveler’s Vendor Number), 7, and 9-13 only. If a box already has a wrong answer in it, just click on the box and select a new answer using the up and down arrows that appear.

Once you have completed the form, please print it, sign on line 40, and email it back.