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Mathematics Department Mailing Lists

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Seminars and Student Groups

Description List Address
Algebra Seminars math-ac_seminar
Applied Mathematics Club math-amc
Association for Women in Mathematics math-awm
Differential Equations Seminars math-de_seminar
Financial Math Seminars fm_seminar
Geometry & Topology Seminars geom-top-top-seminar
Graduate Student Algebra Seminars grad-alg-sem
Numerical Analysis Seminars math-na_seminar
Numerical Analysis Seminar (local) math-nal_seminar
Probability & Random Systems Seminars math-prs_seminar
Super Symmetry ssseminar
SUM Series sumseries
Symbolic Computation Seminars symbcomp

Managing Your Subscriptions

Mailing lists are now a part of GoogleGroups, please search for your desired group and request to join while logged in with you unity id.

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Please see Alan Porch regarding questions about the email lists.