Seminar Groups

Algebra and Combinatorics Seminar

The Algebra and Combinatorics Seminar features research talks about recent results in algebra, combinatorics, and related areas. Particular subjects of interest are the structure and representation theory of Lie algebras, quantum groups, algebraic groups, and vertex algebras, as well as the algebraic, enumerative, geometric, and topological aspects of combinatorics.

Bojko Bakalov
Ricky Liu

Applied Mathematics Graduate Student Seminar (AMGSS)

The Applied Math Grad Student Seminar (AMGSS) is an opportunity for graduate students to give presentations in a low-pressure environment. These talks are typically progress reports on thesis research, and are often practice talks for conferences or oral examinations. Also included are reports and discussion from workshops, summer schools and internship experiences. Students get a chance to practice presenting (and listening to) talks by their peers and department faculty. Students wishing to attend the presentations are welcome to contact the organizers to be added to the seminar email list.

AMGSS website:

Alen Alexanderian
Mansoor Haider
Ralph Smith


Talks in the area of mathematical biology and quantitative biology.


Alun Lloyd

Differential Equations Seminar

This research seminar is a forum for lectures by NCSU or outside researchers in areas related to Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations, Analysis and Dynamical Systems.


Lorena Bociu
Khai Nguyen
Michael Shearer

Financial Mathematics


T. Pang

First Year/Graduate Training Modules


Seth Sullivant

Geometry and Topology Seminar

The goal of the seminar is to present and discuss results in geometry,  topology, related topics and applications.


Irina Kogan
Tye Lidman
Radmila Sazdanovic

Nonlinear Analysis Seminar


Patrick Combettes
Khia Nguyen

Numerical Analysis

The numerical analysis seminar is focused on showcasing research in the development and analysis of numerical methods. Areas of interest include approximation theory, solutions of ordinary and partial differential equations, numerical linear algebra, nonlinear equations, optimization, and inverse problems. Topics of interest include rigorous analysis of convergence of algorithms, their accuracy, stability, computational complexity, and applications to challenging problems.


Arvind K. Saibaba
Alen Alexandria
Dávid Papp

Probability and Random Systems Seminar (PRS)

Probability and random systems seminar invites scholars and experts in probability theory and other related research areas to give a talk in pursuit of new knowledge and deeper understanding of the subject matter by intense and mutual intellectual interaction between the speaker and the faculty/students involved.


Min Kang

Pure Math Graduate Student Seminar (PuGS)

Pure Math Graduate Student Seminar is a platform for graduate students in pure mathematics to share their research with fellow graduate students. It is intended to provide a comfortable environment, free of faculty presence, in which graduate students can practice communicating their research or any interesting topics in pure mathematics.


Benjamin Hollering  and Ashley Tharp.

SIAM Student Chapter

We host professional development, tutorial, and research talks from NCSU faculty as well as visitors. Our primary audience is graduate students, but any are welcome to attend our events.


Mitchel Colebank

SUM Series


Cynthia Vinzant

Symbolic Computation Seminar

The discipline of symbolic computation includes computer algebra, hybrid symbolic-numeric computation, mathematical knowledge representation and the algebraic aspects of formal methods in computer science, such as rule-based theorem proving. Its goal is to “do mathematics by computer” (Stephen Wolfram), with, we would add, exact or validated answers. Trademarked symbolic computation algorithms are used for computation of a Gröbner basis, lattice basis reduction, polynomial factorization, closed-form summation and integration, and solution in Tarski’s theory of real geometry. Commercial symbolic computation packages (Wolfram’s Mathematica, Maple by Maplesoft, MuPAD inside Matlab) and academic software (Stein’s Sage platform and many smaller programs) today have millions of users.

The symbolic computation seminar features research talks related to the design and implementation of algorithms in symbolic computation, including such areas as exact linear algebra, sparse interpolation and signal processing, algorithms for problems from algebraic and real geometry and optimization, polynomial root finding and solution of polynomial systems, algebraic solution of difference and differential equations, validation of numerical results, fast certification of outputs from cloud servers, and applications of algebraic geometry in the sciences.


Cynthia Vinzant

Triangle Topology Seminar


Tye Lidman

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