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What web sites are commonly used by math courses?

What math courses are required by my major?

Some majors require three semesters of calculus (MA 141-241-242), some require two semesters (typically MA 131-231), and some require one semester (typically MA 121). Others require a non-calculus course such as MA 114, or give several options.

Can I get credit for math courses taken elsewhere?


Which math courses am I eligible to take?

If you have already taken mathematics courses at NC State, or if you have credit for NC State courses through one of the routes listed above, just check that you satisfy the prerequisites.

If you have been blocked from registering for a math course that you think you should be able to take, complete the Prerequisite Override Request Form.

Other students will be informed which courses they are eligible to take on the basis of the SAT Math Level Two Subject Test or the NC State Math Placement Test. Information is here.

Where can I get help with my math class?

Still have questions?

Contact Dr. Molly Fenn, Coordinator of Classroom Instruction.