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Internships and Employment

Internships and co-ops can help you develop professionally by giving you transferable skills that would be helpful in any profession, technical skills that can help you in focused fields, as well as an opportunity for full-time positions after graduation.  Additionally, these opportunities can give you chances to explore fields and types of work.

ePACK is your #1 tool to search for jobs and internships and find out about professional events on campus as an NC State Student.  You can use ePACK to search for:

  • Summer internships
  • Co-op Educational Programs: Work full time one semester, back to school the next.
  • Full-time jobs

Reference pages 8-9 of the Career Guide to learn about how to use ePACK and how to schedule an appointment with your career counselor.

(Note that if you have not used ePACK before, you must make an account first by clicking “Forgot Password”.  Call the Career Development Center at 919-515-2396 if you are having any trouble.)

Other internship and co-op online boards:

On campus opportunities:

Disclaimer: Taking an off-campus job during the academic year is strongly correlated with lower academic performance. Work on-campus during the academic year does not have this correlation. If you need the extra money, we encourage you to find a job on campus, or to work at a good job during the summer.

Professional Development Opportunities