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Applied Mathematics

The bachelor of science in applied mathematics shares many basic features with the B.S. program in mathematics. The primary difference is that this program includes a strong interdisciplinary concentration in a related field. The applied concentration, which must be approved by a student’s adviser, should be structured to promote specific career or educational objectives.

Due to the growth in technology and the increasing use of computers, the career opportunities in applied mathematics are extremely diverse. Historically, applied mathematics was most closely associated with applications in the natural sciences, engineering or statistics, and opportunities for applied concentrations in these areas are plentiful at NC State. It’s also possible to design an applied mathematics concentration around business-related applications, in such areas as actuarial science, operations research, industrial engineering or statistics.

Finally, in the area of applied mathematics known as computational mathematics, our department offers the opportunity to study computational methods and analysis with an emphasis on their applications in a chosen concentration.

Faculty in the mathematics department and the Center for Research in Scientific Computation do research in many areas of applied mathematics, and they often have close working relationships with researchers in other disciplines. Much of the department’s applied research is externally funded. These external contacts can lead to internship, research and cooperative education opportunities for applied mathematics students. These activities greatly enhance the educational experience.

Earning This Degree

To earn a BS in applied mathematics at NC State, students must satisfy the degree requirements. Many students complete their degree in eight semesters by following the suggested semester-by-semester curriculum plan.

The NC State Degree Requirements (click “Sciences” on the left, and then choose your major) list the degree requirements by topic and give minimum grades for each.