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Mathematics Department Academic Advising

The academic adviser-advisee relationship is an important one for mathematics students.

  • Adviser’s responsibilities
    • Clarify college and university policies and procedures.
    • Provide an overview of curriculum and major options.
    • Help students develop academic and career goals.
    • Assist students with methods for working through academic issues.
    • Model professional behavior.
    • Help students identify and access university support services, including tutoring and counseling.
  • Student advisee’s responsibilities
    • Acquaint yourself with your adviser.
    • Monitor your university email account ( for updates from your adviser, the Mathematics Department and the College of Sciences.
    • Schedule and keep appointments with your adviser, and be prepared for those appointments with any required forms or paperwork.
    • Check your degree audit periodically to track progress toward graduation and contact your academic adviser if there are problems. If a problem does arise, get help immediately.
    • Identify policies and dates relevant to your academic success (drop dates, grade exclusion policy, etc.).
    • Getting an early start on career planning for after graduation.

Meeting Your Adviser

Before you meet your adviser, enter the classes you plan to take for the next three semesters into your Pack Planner. Each semester starts with an advising hold placed on your student account. The Advising Hold is released by meeting with your adviser. Once the release has been issued, you can register for classes when your enrollment appointment arrives.