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Self Registration

Congratulations on deciding to become a Mathematics Major at NC State. We look forward to seeing you at New Student Orientation in July and when school starts in August. New math majors have been chosen to participate in the Self-Registration Program, which allows you to use MyPack Portal to register for your classes before you come to New Student Orientation. The information below will help you with course enrollment in the Fall semester.


Primary contact for freshmen registration: Betsy Alexieff, First Year Advisor (

Secondary contact: Dr. Alina Duca, Director of Undergraduate Programs (


Fall Registration Information

  • All incoming First Year Students have to (partially) self-register for Fall 2017 classes starting with June 5, 2017.
  • Course registration is done via MyPack Portal.
  • Students access MyPack Portal by logging in with their NC State Unity I.D.
  • The course schedule for the Fall semester should be as complete as possible before attending the   University New Student Orientation on July 20-21.
  • Make sure you use your NC State University email address for all your academic communications! Please be sure to check your email frequently throughout the summer to receive important information from your advisor.

Key steps in the registration process

  • Activate your NC State Unity I.D and NCSU email account. If you have any problems with your Unity ID or password, please contact the Help Desk directly at 919.515.HELP or
  • Register for New Student Orientation. Click on the + sign Registration. The session for College of Sciences students will take place on  July 20-21.
  • Complete the Math and Chemistry placement tests before June 5, 2017 – see Placement Information. We recommend that all students take the placement test, even if you have taken AP Courses and are eligible to receive credit for courses. Note that the university posted deadline is listed May 21, but for registration purposes for math majors it is acceptable to do it as soon as possible before you start registering.
  • Determine what courses are required for your major (Mathematics or Applied Mathematics) by using the Pack Planner tool and/or the semester-by-semester plan.
  • Students anticipating credits via AP/Dual Enrollment/Early College Credit/SAT II should notify the advisor. A survey link will be sent to you via email so you can submit this type of information. If your AP credit is not yet visible in your Students Center then your advisor will assist you in identifying and enrolling in appropriate courses.

Course recommendations for Fall 2017

  • Review your Fall schedule with your advisor for necessary changes or approval.
  • Course catalog & course schedule
  • All students must take a minimum of 12 hours to be considered full-time student. However, in order to make timely progress toward degree, it is suggested that students take 15-17 total hours each semester enrolled. Note that Financial Aid requires full-time enrollment.
  • Some freshmen in the Math program are automatically registered for COS 100 (2h) and/or ENG 101 (4h). If ENG 101 does not appear on your schedule (due to limited capacity), then you should take it during the Spring 2017 semester.  Although these pre-registered courses are not set in stone, you are strongly encouraged to contact your advisor before changing or dropping something that is already on your schedule.
  • Please find below course suggestions for Fall semester:
    • Chemistry (4h) – The results of your Chemistry placement test will indicate which Chemistry class you are eligible to register for CH 101/102 (4h) or CH 111 (3h).
    • Math (3-4h) – The results of your Math placement test and/or AP Calculus scores will indicate which math class to register for, one of MA 141, MA 241, MA 242 etc. If your placement test score doesn’t qualify you to take MA141, then you will need to register for MA 111.

The following math sections are preferred:

  • MA 141.002 with lab 002A, MA 141.003 with lab 003A, MA 141.004 with lab 004AMA 241.002 or MA241.040 (honors section, ask Dr. Duca for assistance with enrollment)
    MA 242.005 or MA242.040 (honors section, ask Dr. Duca for assistance with enrollment)
    MA 341.001


    • Physics (4h). If you qualified to enroll in MA 241 (or above) then you may register for PY 205 with PY 206 Lab. If you are considering a second major in Physics then it is recommended that you take PY 201/202 in the Fall semester.
    • General Education Program (GEP) Course (3h). The following are some recommended courses:

SOC 203, SOC 204, ANT 254, IDS 201, ANT 261, ANT 252, ES 100, ES 200, HA 240, EC 205, EC 201

Note: Students may choose to sign up for First Year Inquiry courses that are often found on the list of GEP courses.  These are classes denoted by the letter “Q” that are designed to offer an exciting topic to a small group of first year students, taught by a professor who is passionate about the class and the first year student populations.

  • Health and Exercise Studies Course (1h)  required as part of the General Education Program. During their undergraduate career, each student must complete one from each of the two categories: HESF 1** and HESF 2** (or any HE** 2** course)