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Fall 2017 registration

Please take the following guidelines into account when registering (or advising) for Fall 2017.

1. If you are on a Teaching Assistantship and have significant contact time with students (grading only does not qualify), please, sign up for 3 hours of MA 885 (Doctoral Supervised Teaching).

2. If you are involved in Doctoral Supervised Research, please, sign up for at least 3 hours of MA 893. For doctoral students working exclusively on research (no course or teaching duties), you should be signed up for 12 hours of MA 893. For students taking some courses and doing supervised research the rest of the time, it is expected that your total should still be 12 hours (for instance, if X takes 2 courses and does research under Prof. Y, she should register for these two courses and 6 hours of MA 893).

The above rules do not apply to MS students who should talk to me directly if in doubt.

A reminder for students: you need to maintain at least 9 hrs/semester to be considered full time. Switching, when justified, to 12 hrs/semester will carry no extra fees or increased costs to you. If, applying the above guidelines, your total hours/semester exceeds 12, please talk to me.

Finally, and likely to start in Spring 2018, we will make available (pending approval by the Graduate School) credits for

-MA 801 Seminar: this 1 credit seminar course will cover participation in one the various graduate student seminars (with student presenters exclusively ) we have in the department.

-MA 835 reading courses (up to 3 credits).