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MA591-003 Special Topics: Introduction to fluid dynamics for Spring 2018

MA591-003 Special Topics: Introduction to fluid dynamics
Spring 2018:  Tue Thur 4:30-5:45 – SAS Hall 1108

This course will offer an introduction to fluid dynamics and its applications in biology. The course will study fluid mechanics from a mathematical perspective, including examples from biological applications. The equations of fluid mechanics will be introduced, and areas of active research will be discussed. The course is suitable for graduate students in mathematics, physics, engineering, and mathematical biology. Students will work on an independent project that can be taken from their research. Topics will include physical concepts such as viscosity, vorticity, shock waves, wave propagation, stokes flow, boundary layers, and potential flow. Biological applications will include swimming, flying, and blood flow in networks of arteries.

Instructor: Mette Olufsen,
Office: 3216 SAS Hall,

Textbooks: Elementary Fluid Dynamics, by D.J. Acheson, Oxford University Press, 1990, Reprinted 2009 and A mathematical introduction to fluid mechanics, third edition, corrected fourth printing, by A.J. Chorin, and J.E. Marsden, Springer, 2000 (optional).

Background needed: Basic understanding of mechanics, vector calculus, matrices, ordinary differential equations. Other mathematics and physics will be reviewed as needed.