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MTBI 2018: Applications Open

The Application Deadline is: January 31st, 2018!

MTBI is an intensive summer research experience that prepares undergraduate students for the rigors of graduate level research at the interface of mathematics, statistics, and the natural and social sciences. Select students are invited to Arizona State University for eight weeks, where their time is split between classroom instruction on research methods and hands-on research projects.

At MTBI, students don’t work alone.  Everything, from homework to research, takes place in a collaborative environment with fellow participants, graduate students, postdoctoral students, visiting scholars and talented faculty from around the country.  Students work in self-selected groups on research problems of their own choosing, while collaborating with experienced faculty and graduate student mentors.  Students–not faculty–select their own research topics.  By the end of the summer, participants have completed a high-quality technical report and research poster, which are presented at national conferences to an audience of their peers and colleagues.

For more information on MTBI or to APPLY, please visit our website: The application can be downloaded from our website; a copy is attached here as well.

Should you have additional questions or concerns please feel free to email the MTBI Coordinator Rebecca Perlin