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Spring and SUMMER Service Learning Class Creates Great Impact

Registration Time Greetings!
A gentle but enthusiastic reminder that reminder that COM 466 – “Nonprofit Leadership and Development” is again available for Spring and Summer semesters!    Our 27 students from 8 different colleges (including Grads) raised over $62,000 for 12 local nonprofit agencies while learning the key leadership challenges of work and volunteering for nonprofits. I attached the Spring 2018 class impact statement for more details.
 Students volunteer a minimum of 30 hours during the semester at a schedule they work out with their pre-screened Community Partner agency. They set their service times individually with each agency so it can work out best for all parties. Community Partner agencies are selected by student preference listing.
I would particularly appreciate you promoting the summer I session for the class. We did not make the class last summer.  Because we work so closely with Community Partner Agencies, they have come to expect the amazing support they get from our students.  We hope to serve at least 5 needy agencies this summer too, but of course students must first enroll in the class!  We meet first summer session from 5:30 – 7:25pm M- R.  Thanks for that extra bump.
Please share this exciting and impactful class opportunity with your advisees as you see fit.  Specific class expectations are also attached below.  I am happy to speak with any potential students OR they (and YOU) can be our guest and feel free to join our class, our Community Partners and our future students for our  “BIG FOOD Celebration” (Final Presentation) on Monday, December 3 at 5:45pm in 200 Park Shops! No RSVP needed!