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Deloitte Consulting – NC State Faculty Organization Newsletter #5

Deloitte Consulting – NC State University Newsletter

Happy Fall Break!


We hope everyone enjoyed fall break this past week!  Interviews are quickly approaching and with that comes the stress of preparing for interviews and potentially a career in consulting.  In order to best prepare, we are offering some advice on how to best get ready for and excel in interviews, from Deloitte and NC State Alums!  See below for interview times for selected students and for advice on how to rock the interview!



What’s next?

We love feedback

Deloitte’s Interview Tips


What’s next?

The resumes are in, now on to interviews!


Event Audience Date Location
Pre-Interview Reception Students Offered an Interview Wednesday, 10/23 On Campus
Interview Day #1 Students Offered an Interview Thursday, 10/24 On Campus
Interview Day #2 Students Offered an Interview after Day 1 Friday, 10/25 On Campus


Deloitte’s Interview Tips

We want NC State to do their best!


This year Deloitte is excited to debut a video case interview process for second round interviews! This new interview will allow students to watch a brief video walking them through a theoretical client business case. Students will then be given time to think through the solution and put together their own creative deliverable. This allows students to structure their thoughts, build an individualized innovative solution and present said solution to one of our leadership interviewers. The video case interview process provides the students the opportunity to walk through a hypothetical case methodically and showcase their critical thinking abilities.


With that in mind, we wanted to share some of the best tips from Deloitte as well as from NC State Alums.  Find more information here!


#1: Do your homework.

“After hearing a term I didn’t know much about (Agile) in an Information Session, I looked up everything I could on it.  Turns out it paid off when it came up in my Case Study!”

#2: Make an impact.

“Put your best foot forward right away.  I wanted to prove to my interviewer, as well as myself, that I was ready for a full time business role, and dressing the part helped get in that mind set”

#3: Be confident.

“People respond well to confidence and in an interview, it’s no different.  Speaking confidently, no matter how confident you actually feel, adds strength and conviction to your answers, and prepares you well for a career in consulting.”

#4: Ask questions.

“The interviewer is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to all things Deloitte, consulting, and the case study.  During my interview, I spent the last ten minutes getting to know the project history and experience of my interviewer and it truly helped me decide this was the best position.  Use this fantastic resource to help you in your decision and problem solving process.”

#5: Sell yourself.

“You are your best advocate!  For me, it felt a little strange to talk about all of my strengths and accomplishments, but they won’t know unless you tell them.  Let the interviewers know just how great of a candidate you are!”

#6: Get clarification.

“It’s better to be certain than uncertain in any case, so don’t fear hesitation or asking questions.  It’s better to fully understand than to let your uncertainty stand in your way!”

#7: Follow up.

“It’s always a good idea to thank someone for their time and interviewers are no different.  It also can help remind the interviewer just how interested and excited you are for the position!”