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Math in Costa Rica summer program

Interested in studying abroad in summer 2019? Did you know that you can take UNC courses abroad? I will be teaching MATH381 “Discrete Math” in Costa Rica. This will be a 4-week program, 7th May to 5th June, based in San José but with plenty of time to travel and see more of the country. If you are studying Spanish, this is a great immersive experience to improve your language skills. If you don’t speak any Spanish, that is fine too – there is no language requirement!

This program is open to non-UNC students and you could get transfer credit for the course. MATH381 is an `introduction to proofs’. The prerequisite is two semesters of calculus but it may be possible to waive this if necessary. This program will be funded by a Federal grant, which should bring the cost per student to around $5000. For more information please visit the webpage:

Flyer Attached

Feel free to email me ( with any questions.